back to article Taiwan rolls out tax credits for chipmakers to keep R&D local

Taiwan has become the latest nation to offer financial incentives to encourage semiconductor manufacturers to invest in facilities and new technologies within its territory, passing extra rules to let companies flip research and development costs into tax credits. Lawmakers within the island nation have reportedly passed …

  1. BOFH in Training Silver badge

    Wonder what will happen if China or Russia join in

    With all sort of subsidies to encourage overseas companies to setup labs within China/Russia itself.

    Regardless R&D or actual chip manufacturing, maybe with homegrown gear since US seems to be trying to prevent related equipment from getting there.

    Might be harder to operate in Russia, but I can see China doing something like that. Especially for advanced R&D. Once knowledge is generated, it will probably reach others within China via "osmosis".

    Or Russia and China may want to do R&D together......

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