back to article Google accuses Indian antitrust watchdog of plagiarizing EU ruling

Google is challenging a $161 million antitrust fine issued by the Competition Commission of India (CCI) based on accusations that 50 instances within the ruling were lifted from a European ruling for similar charges. According to an appeals document filed by Google and seen by Reuters, the over 50 instances of copy pasting, …

  1. alain williams Silver badge

    I would have though that google would be pleased ...

    to have regulators in different jurisdictions doing the same thing as it will reduce the number of different regulations that it has to follow.

  2. elsergiovolador Silver badge


    $161 million antitrust fine

    Google revenue in 2021: $256.7 billion.

    According to my napkin maths that is about 0.063% of revenue.

    This means it should be worded "$161 million antitrust fee".

  3. Matthew "The Worst Writer on the Internet" Saroff

    Google: Get Better Lawyers.

    It is not copypasta, it is legal precedent.

    1. DrSunshine0104

      Re: Google: Get Better Lawyers.

      Mostly spot-on. A better argument from Google would be to say that EU count findings don't have precedent in Indian law. Which is a valid consideration but plagiarism? What a joke, sounds like Google is running the clock, trying to make it expensive, or written by a undergraduate intern.

      At least in the US, most text produced by the federal government is copyright-free. Otherwise it would hinder the spread of government information. Imagine CNN having to pay to the federal government to inform citizen of a new federal law they are currently subject to. I would be shocked to find that the EU copyrights their text, or at least in a restrictive manner.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Google: Get Better Lawyers.

      Also, it's law, not a school essay.

      Secondly, if they don't want to fined for it, maybe they shouldn't try the exact same for which they have been in court already? To me, that's more or less demonstrating mens rea, which suggests that whoever came up with that defense isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

      1. bazza Silver badge

        Re: Google: Get Better Lawyers.

        I was going to make the same point by analogy. If one were convicted in two separate courts for two separate murders carried out in the same way, I doubt an appeal based on the second court's ruling being plagiaristic would succeed.

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