back to article HPE to offload remaining stake in Chinese joint venture H3C

HPE intends to sell its remaining interest in China-based joint venture H3C, despite professing itself pleased by growth in the Chinese market just a few months ago. H3C is a provider of IT equipment in China, including HPE servers, storage and associated technical services. It is 49 percent owned by HPE, with the remainder …

  1. TheInstigator Bronze badge

    If I were China ...

    ... I would start playing the US at their own game and pretty much getting rid of US based tech companies from having/getting a hold in China.

    As I understand it, Cisco are pretty much dead in the water in the US - Chinese manufacturers (such as Huawei) can make the same or better equipment for cheaper and (on the face of it) don't have to worry so mich about potential US nefarious interventions although they could still infiltrate Chinese companies.

    From there, it'll be a short hop to banning all US companies from Chinese markets due to national security concerns ....

    What's good for the goose ...

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