back to article Workday appoints VMware veteran as co-CEO

Are two heads better than one or do too many cooks spoil the broth? For Workday, the answer is yes. The SaaSy finance and payroll software company has appointed Carl Eschenbach as co-CEO, replacing Chano Fernandez, who has also stepped down as a member of the Workday Board of Directors. The 2005-founded company said in a …

  1. Doctor Tarr


    Hopefully having to use the woeful workday UI & UX will lead to some improvements. Imagine using a consumer website that offered to email you when the request page had loaded. For the full early 2000's UI experience it needs to run in netscape.

  2. david1024

    Cannot stress enough that they need product help, not more spin from the company leadership

    I had a job I liked, until workday.

    Not sure how workday made the case that they were economical, but my overhead went from about 2-3 hrs a week, to nearly 50% of my time. I decided to move on to a contributor-only role as I wasn't interested in working 80 hrs a week so HR could save money on software.

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