back to article Meta freezes development of $1.5B Alabama datacenter pending redesign

Another Meta datacenter is in limbo after the company announced it was pausing construction of a $1.5 billion bitbarn under development in Huntsville, Alabama. Unlike Meta's datacenters in Denmark, the Huntsville datacenter hasn't been canceled. Instead, the project has been delayed to implement design changes to a portion of …

  1. Black Label
    Black Helicopters

    Be Smart guys

    Do not put your money into Meta's AI / AR / VR.

    Its doomed to fail.

  2. hoola Silver badge

    All good news

    To be honest, axing data centres when they are related to stuff like Social Media must be a good thing.

    In terms of the use of resources it is not far off just burning money.

    At least some of what happens in AWS, Azure and OCI probably does something useful.

  3. Gene Cash Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    "posted a 52 percent decline in net income"

    That's still the best news I've heard all year. Makes my Christmas, it does.

  4. Halfmad

    Meta are..

    becoming the new Yahoo!

    Too much money, too little common sense.

  5. nautica Silver badge

    Subtitle: "More AI is the answer to all our woes, Meta CTO says"

    "I have found that people are interested in 'artificial intelligence' for the same reason that some people are interested in artificial limbs: they are missing one."--David L. Parnas

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