back to article Xen project goes for VM Hyperlaunch with version 4.17

Version 4.17 of the Xen project's eponymous hypervisor has debuted, bringing with it the first look at Hyperlaunch capabilities that allow the creation of multipole VMs on startup. When Xen goes to work today, it creates Dom0 – a privileged domain that has to run before the DomU unprivileged domains that contain virtual …

  1. man_iii

    wait redundancy is not colocation

    usually a canbus connects multiple systems. so you want is active standby and even a backup canbus. not cut costs by centrally locating all control systems.

  2. Roopee Silver badge


    Is multipole a typo or a new type of VM I’ve not come across? Genuine question as I’m currently trying to transfer my ESXi home lab to Proxmox so have an interest in VMs…

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not the first time Citrix ***d up

    Where "***d up" means "dropped the ball" for Americans reading.

    Buying into leading edge cool stuff and burying it is what they are good at. Why? Does no one look at strategy and say "Well that didn't make money. Let's try something different."

  4. LateAgain

    Xen project...

    ...rather than the commercial side.

    Given that we all owe xen for pushing the envelope and making sure that there is a free (kvm) and free to use (everyone else) full virtual environment.

    (Does anyone else remember that vmware came out of a free software project?)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Xen project...

      Don’t invent history. KVM was bought by RedHat and contributed to Linux because Xen gave the middle finger to Linux and went to Citrix and Windows.

      Xen never tried to get mainlined. KVM has more to do with qemu than Xen.

      1. hack3rcon

        Re: Xen project...

        This is so funny that you are here for some years and just broadcasting fake news against the Xen Hypervisor. You don't know that KVM is just a type-2 hypevisor like the VirtualBox and Red Hat tricking customers and selling it :D

        Enjoy from your Linux module ;)

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