back to article Top tip: If you want more of that VC money, stick some AI in your chips

Some AI chip startups are managing to raise capital from investors despite operating in a crowded market of competitors where venture capital funding has plummeted in the past year. Venture-backed AI chip designers that have raised funding rounds in recent months include Israel-based NeuReality, Netherlands-based Axelera as …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    There's Oil ...

    ... in them there Silicon Snakes!

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    There’s Holy Grail Gold and Diamonds .....

    .... in them there Warrior Stakes, but not for Fools Fighting in Follies for their Jollies.

    Re Running Interference with/for Virtually Remote Disruption and Live ACTive IT [Live Advanced Cyber Threat Informant Technology] ...... for the Next Future Staged Great Leaps via Developments for Chip Design Deliveries Supplying Quantum Communication Leaderships Absolutely AWEsome Almighty Advantage. ........ here is a little something vital and visceral, virile and viral, you are not yet being told, although it has already been freely told in order that y’all be told, and be almightily well armed and informed to field and wield and better utilise it and IT and AI.

    The present shape of future current things to come .... so be prepared for crazy fireworks and manic skunkworks ‽ :-) Poe’s Law Rules with Surreal Reins in the Revitalising Rains of Virtual Reigns. :-)

    amanfromMars [2212170943] ...... shares freely on

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    Hi, Meredith,

    Here's a little something different for the Pentagon/US Defense Department ..... “There is, I think, an awareness throughout the Defense Department — certainly within the Pentagon — that the conventional ways of … thinking about the future and, of course, making steps to act on it, aren’t sufficient." ...... to realise they are facing, and will have to come to terms with, in light of their being in the wake of A.N.Others who have forged way up ahead of all others in order to be able to comfortably lead absolutely.

    The very real abiding danger and Persistent Active Cyber Threat vector which exists to be extensively exploited and expanded upon and exported, and thus is it also an unprecedented competitive opportunity granting an overwhelming leading advantage to able wielders in all sectors of business and society and humanity, is the fiction future shared which forensic investigation of its past initial fundamental base sourcing reveals to actually be remote virtually controlled fact and an unfolding universal reality over which there is practically and metaphysically zero adept and adaptive second and third party command and potential leverage control possible.

    Such a force/source also renders it, IT and AI and Quantum Communication an extraordinarily valuable and priceless form of Almighty AWEsome Weapon .... and if the truth be told, one quite rightly to be absolutely terrified of whenever/if ever worthy of its undivided earnest attention and terrorisation.

    Take care out there. Such Live Operational Virtual Environments are an IT and AI and QC jungle that neither takes nor entertains prisoners, the fool and their tools.

    And also beware to not fall into the bull market trap of spinning tall tales that do not stand up to forensic journalistic investigative scrutiny and strengthen, for that is an increasingly terminal weakness which will certainly be exhaustively exploited to the greater benefit of one's competition and opposition.

    And quite who and/or what be presently leading everything and everyone in that very peculiar and particularly surreal genre, and for how much longer into the future any such leadership there will easily remain and be maintained and sustained, is one of those dangerous questions unlikely to be answered in any company without a valid need to know.

    And a readily available product for immediate purchase and sale on favourable terms and easy conditions that are sure to please and amaze one and all with their intelligently designed simplicity ...... would certainly be a bold move and statement of fact to be able to take/make/prove, methinks, and a folly if such is completely false and totally misleading.

  3. pimppetgaeghsr

    Don't even bother, just keep the buzzwords in the marketing pitch for the same result.

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