back to article Chipmakers to spend $500b on 84 new fabs by 2024 despite shaky economy

This year's shaky economy has tripped up a some semiconductor companies, although plenty of them apparently feel excited enough that they are spending hundreds of billions of dollars on new chip manufacturing plants. In its latest World Fab Forecast report, industry association SEMI said that the global semiconductor industry …

  1. Kev18999

    There is continuous demand based on backlogged demand.

  2. well meaning but ultimately self defeating

    And my retirement plan is

    Buying lots of ASML shares.

  3. C Berlin

    Financial advice

    Hmm, that is pretty obvious.

    The new world is building up borders again :-(

    good luck catching up with Asia's lead in semiconductor manufacturing.

    I will join the other contributor and buy more ASML stock, thanks for the hint.

  4. sreynolds Silver badge


    Soon they will be begging for custom designs to justify the expensive setup cots in order to keep them profitable.

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