back to article Boffins hear Martian dust devils' rumbles for first time

Audio data recorded by a NASA rover has, for the first time, allowed earthbound humans to hear the sound of a dust devil passing on the Martian surface. Dust devils, whirlwinds which draw up dust from the surface, were first recorded on Mars in the 1970s by Viking orbiters. The 1990s Mars Pathfinder lander detected a dust …

  1. Version 1.0 Silver badge

    The history of Mars could be so interesting

    When you study the results of evolution on Earth ... originally cells formed, then life created in the water all over the planet and resulting in fish eventually, and a fish then starting to crawl around the surface to eat a few plants, evolving further to eventually crawl up the plants and evolving some more over the next few millions of years ... it would be so fascinating to see if anything like this happened on Mars even if it didn't evolve quite as much as we have. To see nothing would be sad, but just to see a few fish bones on (or under) the surface of Mars would be amazing.

  2. LoPath


    More like Marvin the Martian blowing into the microphone!

  3. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

    The sound of the Martian (dust) devil.

    Apparently, if you play it backwards, it says "WE ARE COMING FOR YOU"

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