back to article LockBit threatens to leak confidential info stolen from California's beancounters

LockBit claims it was behind a cyber-attack on the California Department of Finance, bragging it stole data during the intrusion. The notorious ransomware gang boasted it exfiltrated 76GB from the state agency, which apparently included databases, confidential information, financial and IT documents, and, oddly enough, "sexual …

  1. Lil Endian Silver badge

    101 State and Local Government Agencies

    Ransomware groups have attacked at least 101 state and local government agencies in the US this year, and at least 22 of those have had data stolen....

    How many agencies have reinforced ransomware attacks as "a good idea" by paying the ransom (with tax payers' money)?

    How much has been paid?

    Did the payouts result in return of data?

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