back to article Intel reminds everyone it's still cooking away on more PC processors

Intel claims it has hit a key technology milestone for its next generation of Core processors for PCs, heralding a major change in how its client chips are designed and manufactured. The silicon-slinger plans next year to release the next wave of CPUs for PCs – code-named Meteor Lake – which will succeed the 13th-Gen Core …

  1. elsergiovolador Silver badge


    Seems like Intel is rearranging chairs on their titanic.

    At that pace, they'll never get ahead of Apple's Mx chips.

    Which is a shame, as we will get another iteration of laptops or desktops that don't bring much new to the table.

    Maybe, rather than littering the planet with the new stuff that is very much like the old stuff, Intel should focus on refurbishing machines coming off lease?

    1. NeilPost Silver badge

      Re: Chairs

      Hopefully they can scale Foveros to good yields, as it both seems innovative… but I guess also the creation of different tiles/chipsets with different manufacturing techniques - and hooking them up just feels wrong - the Chip Fab equivalent of some masking tape on your wall Matt emulsion whilst doing your final glossing on the skirting boards. When you peel it off, you have always missed a bit/over painted.

      1. squigbobble

        Re: Chairs

        It works well for AMD. Improvements in performance, efficiency etc. don't scale evenly across different types of IC as you reduce the node size. The RX7000 GPUs have the cache and memory controller on 7nm chiplets and the rest of it on 6nm. According to AMD's slide deck for the launch, cache only sees a fraction of the improvement from 7nm->6nm that logic does so it made sense to put it on the cheaper node.

        1. squigbobble

          Re: Chairs

          D'oh, it's 6nm & 5nm, not 7nm & 6nm.

  2. QLord

    7nm Has Been "Ready" for Years

    If Gelsinger manages to release 7nm (Intel 4) before 1Q24, they will likely be from low yield (<20%) Risk Production, similar to Samsung 4nm (<20% yield).

    Funny how Intel's 7nm is coming from Fab 24, in Ireland, where tons of people were just laid-off, without pay, for 3 months.

    1. potato_chips

      Re: 7nm Has Been "Ready" for Years

      "voluntary unpaid leave" is not being laid-off - said the villagers to the boy who cried wolf.

      1. QLord

        Re: 7nm Has Been "Ready" for Years

        Unpaid is still unpaid, their employment status won't put food on the table, and most importantly it's further indication that Meteor Lake won't see the light of day for quite some time.

    2. QLord

      Re: 7nm Has Been "Ready" for Years

      Correction... Fab 34 in Ireland

  3. BPontius

    Lucky 13

    Recently upgraded to 13th gen i7 with 32 Gig DDR5 6200 memory and it is smooth sailing. Shouldn't have to upgrade for several years. The only problem is getting into the BIOS with the speed of the booting process, enabled a function in the BIOS on startup to enter BIOS with holding the power switch, but would like to not have to shutdown to access BIOS. Still experimenting and investigating.

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