back to article Asus' latest single-board computer packs a 12-core, 4.5Ghz Intel i7

Packing a 35W CPU onto a board barely larger than a Raspberry Pi might sound like a bad idea, but that's not stopping Asus' Aaeon product division. The company Wednesday unveiled a 4.7x4.8-inch single-board computer (SBC), called the UP Xtreme i12, that can be spec'd up to a 12-core/16-thread 12th-Gen Intel Core i7 1280PE. For …

  1. Roger 11

    Out of storage?

    I mean, yes, but 2 TB isn't that bad, right?

  2. Binraider Silver badge

    Is a SODIMM socket too much to ask for?! Argh!

    Otherwise, I have all sorts of uses for this kinda thing.

    1. GBE


      Is a SODIMM socket too much to ask for?!

      In some applications, yes. It's probably considered too unreliable.

    2. toejam++

      To have a SO-DIMM socket you'd have to give up LPDDR5. Supposedly the signaling voltage for LPDDR5 is too low to work with socketed memory while staying within spec.

      That said, this isn't a tablet or laptop with a small battery, so it seems a bit overkill to go with LPDDR5 instead of DDR5 in the first place.

      1. Richard 12 Silver badge

        The target market needs low power, but generally not huge amounts of RAM and certainly not field upgradable.

        Industrial PCs get shaken half to bits, they want the smallest number of connectors possible.

  3. TrevorH

    "barely larger than a Raspberry Pi " for some value of "barely"

    rpi4 85x56mm

    this 119x121

    so that's 14399 vs 4760mm² or about 3 times as big.

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      And then there's the volume disparity when you take into account the rather hefty heat-sink that is mandatory, unlike the mainly optional tiny heatsink a RPi may use.

      Of course, this is very much a case of "horses for course", so comparing with a RPi is probably silly anyway, both in the practical use physical size and compute power.

    2. ChrisBedford

      Also, "Click to enlarge"

      Is it just me, or did that not enlarge the picture at all

  4. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    Would prefer something in the middle

    Say 2-3GHz, with some sensibly arranged I/O sockets fitted, and at a price where you don't have to sell all your toys.

    1. Sandtitz Silver badge

      Re: Would prefer something in the middle

      "Say 2-3GHz"

      It's available with lesser processors.

    2. Richard 12 Silver badge

      Re: Would prefer something in the middle

      Those SKUs are available.

      Though you'll only get decent prices if you buy a thousand or more. This isn't hobbyist kit, sadly.

  5. A.A.Hamilton

    In English, please...

    "The company Wednesday unveiled a..."

    FFS, come on - this is a British publication known (AFAIR) for the quality of its writing. The quoted opening, a grating example of left pond gobbledegook, is simply not good enough. The Company in question is ASUS, not Wednesday.

    1. Will Godfrey Silver badge

      Re: In English, please...

      FFS, come on - this was a British publication...


      1. Captain Scarlet

        Re: In English, please...

        There used to be a link to flag corrections, where has that gone?

  6. FullyGroan

    A Raspberry What!?

    So, just like a --> Raspberry pie <— or most notebooks these days — you'll need to decide up front how much memory your workloads are going to need.

  7. ivorb

    Speed Hurts?

    I know the reg has its own system of units, but using hz as a substitute for Hz (Hertz) is a poor choice.

    4.5GHz max cpu frequency.

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