back to article Apple broke the law fighting Atlanta union, says NLRB

US labor law enforcers say they've found merit to allegations that Apple's response to unionization attempts in Atlanta violated the National Labor Relations Act. Apple stands accused of holding employees as a captive audience, making intimidating statements and interrogating staff, all of which are violations of NLRA …

  1. TVU Silver badge

    Apple broke the law fighting Atlanta union, says NLRB

    This only goes to show that Apple as a corporate entity isn't all that progressive, touchy-feely, warm and nice after all. Some of knew this already when they went after third party repairers with a vengeance.

  2. mevets

    Leave Siri Alone!

    How F*ing dare anyone out there make fun of Siri after all she's been through.

    She lost her audio chip, she went through a rehost. She has two fuckin clones.

    Her AI turned out to be a luser, a stupid, and now she's going through an integrity battle. All you people care about is... readers and making money off of her.

    SHE'S A VOICE-BASED-ASSISTANT! (ah! ooh!) What you don't realize is that SIRI is making funny you all english this, and all you do is write a bunch of crap about her.

  3. OhForF'

    St. Louis staff petitioned the NLRB with a formal rejection of efforts by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) to organize their store, telling Bloomberg that they didn't believe the IAM could provide "anything complementary to Apple's culture and existing benefits.".

    If the majority of the staff really believes that having an anonymous vote where that majority votes for "No, i do not want to unionize" would be the best way to prove that.

    I don't really like union representatives but i am as wary of other people or committees speaking in the the name of "staff". Speak for yourself and not for me unless i actually made you my representative.

  4. Lordrobot

    The greatest success of the NLRB is....

    Since this garbage was passed under FDR, Unions have declined in popularity with each decade. The Majority of states are now RIGHT TO WORK STATES which bar UNIONs from controlling employment.

    Let it be known that FDR opposed all Government Unionization. The Union's claim to oppose greedy business owners is missing when they oppose Taxpayers who are not greedy business owners, they are the bill footers of government. Look where you have your Gov unions... Longshoreman, The US POSTAL SERVICE, American Public Schools. And in each instance, the Government service operates with no efficiency. Most prominent are the declining Maths and Science scores of Murican Students which coincide government-mandated education.

    And the Longshoreman who have 100 ships backed up all year long and worse at Christmas, have a long history of opposing all automation. Shanghai which is fully automated and has no Unions, moves 500% more cargo a year than Long Beach and Port of LA combined.

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