back to article Microsoft hikes prices in India by up to eleven percent

Microsoft has quietly announced big price rises for its software and services in India. "Due to currency fluctuations, Microsoft India is announcing Indian rupee pricelist changes to harmonize its prices for commercial on-premises software and online services between India and the Asian region, effective February 1, 2023," …

  1. Neil Barnes Silver badge

    Another 'just because you can...' moment

    UA's "HOVR" and "FLOW" shoes include a sensor that tracks movement, and shares data with online services to let owners track their workouts and performance.

    For the love of $DEITY, why?

    And edible batteries, too: I don't blame the kids for trying to put stuff in their mouths; it's what small children do. But that adults need to be warned not to allow children to do that? When I first started helping my father maintain his car, the owner's manual came with service instructions and quantities and the like; now they come with warnings to not drink the battery acid... what has happened to general knowledge about the world around us?

    1. ThatOne Silver badge

      Re: Another 'just because you can...' moment

      > owner's manual came with service instructions

      First, nowadays nobody should ever repair or even maintain his car (or appliance): They should buy a new one, ideally as soon as possible.

      Second, good, usable service instructions need a professional writer who knows what (s)he is talking about. Security warnings are simple cut/paste jobs any marketing goon can do.

      Third, people nowadays don't want the hassle of maintaining their stuff, they have been told the cool thing to do is to buy the next shiny-shiny.

      Fourth, I did disassemble and reassemble my first car's engine a couple times, but I wouldn't touch my latest one (already 15 years old now): (Car) computer says no. So a complete service manual might be interesting to read, but I doubt I'd ever dare use it, in case the computer decides to take umbrage and bricks the car totally.

      1. Neil Barnes Silver badge

        Re: Another 'just because you can...' moment

        Yes - I wrote the common software that talks to the ECU on my thirty-year old car, and soon afterwards, provided all the word and most of the pictures for an owner's manual for it... I don't think I included a warning not to drink the batery contents.

        I too would be a bit leery about stripping the engine on my daily runner; I've seen too many horror stories about modern designs.

  2. ThatOne Silver badge


    "From February 1, 2023, Indian rupee prices for commercial on-premises bugs will increase by 4.5 percent"

    Fixed it for you.

    Also, "Get Genuine Windows Agreements will increase by 11 percent" is a solid reason to bother "getting genuine Windows"... Bullet, meet foot.

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