back to article NTT Data adopting datacenter inspection robots to relieve humans of some chores

The Japanese operations of NTT Data will deploy datacenter-monitoring robots in 15 of its own facilities, then offer them as-a-service to customers. The firm tested the bots in a single datacenter from August to November 2022. They appear to have passed muster because the machines will be rolled out – literally and …

  1. localzuk Silver badge

    What's the point?

    Unless they can physically interact with kit, what's the point? Monitoring can be done remotely using CCTV and fixed sensors for pretty much everything.

    A bot occasionally rolling past a panel doesn't exactly do much in terms of monitoring? Having that panel network connected, feeding live data to a monitoring system would be much better.

    Seems like a gimmick to me.

  2. Mister Dubious

    Replacement Theory

    It's only a matter of time until these robotic attendants start telling their On Call and Who? Me? stories...

    "An anonymous sysadmin Regomized as `Artoo' (for that is not his model number) ..."

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