back to article Arm hands board seats to Intel and Qualcomm alumni ahead of IPO

Softbank-owned chip designer Arm says it is preparing for its initial public offering (IPO) by adding former Intel and Qualcomm executives to its board. The latest additions include Rosemary Schooler, a one-time corporate vice president and general manager for Intel's Data Center and AI sales division, and Paul Jacobs, …

  1. 3arn0wl

    Mixed forecast?

    So... Royalty revenues up by between a fifth and a quarter, but licencing fees down by over a half... What to make of that? OEMs are purchasing more off the shelf stock, but design efforts (in which sectors?) have noticeably slowed.

  2. Mike 137 Silver badge

    "Arms hands board seats"

    Shouldn't that be arms hands "knees and boompsidaisy"?

  3. Lordrobot

    The last GASP of ARM...

    Murica gets control of ARM... UK is out of business... Nobody can hear you scream when Manchester is shut down...

    UK Declares itself officially as a Technology Free Zone. "The UK still makes wonderful sledgehammers."

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