back to article Graphcore makes China push with Mk2 AI chip amid financial woes

British AI chip designer Graphcore has wrapped its two-year-old, second-generation Intelligence Processing Unit in new packaging for China and Singapore amid recently reported financial woes. The Bristol, UK-based startup announced on Tuesday that its Colossus Mk2 GC200 IPU will be available in the new C600 PCIe card, making …

  1. Vikingforties

    Whilst we have a government that appears not to know it's caboose from it's elbow when it comes to silicon tech strategy (e.g. Nexperia & Imagination before that), I wonder if Graphcore has popped up on their radar?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Probably not.

      Who's the Minister of Fun these days now that it's no longer Mad Nads Dorries calling the shots?

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