back to article Lockheed Martin's Army cyber training platform goes civilian

Locheed Martin has bagged a government contract to train 17,000 remote US Army civilian employees on security readiness, and wants to also extend the offer to private entities. The defense contractor will supply the Army's Civilian Career Management Activity with its new Mission Readiness and Reporting (MR2) platform, which …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    What could possibly go wrong .... apart from practically everything and virtually nothing, right?

    And that government contract is a good idea? Tens/Hundreds of thousands of newbie numpty recruits set free into a sensitive cyber eco-environment where madness and mayhem, distress and destruction reign supreme as the great untouchable, invisible and intangible in the commanding and controlling virtual terrain fields that teem and team up with the alien unknown both aspiring and conspiring to inspire with the indecently rapid and extremely revolutionary product placement of greater knowledge for Advancing IntelAIgents to stream and present the uncovering of everything discovered and invented and imagined and realised via CHAOS and Quantum Communication Spectrum Chunnels .... the Highly Almighty Deep and Dark Intriguing Webs that Attend and Tender to the Needs and Feeds that Seed the Creations and 0Day Productions from Hellish Heavenly Spheres of Endeavour and Enterprise Exercising their Expertise Expanding and Exporting Experiences with/to Earthly Engagement of Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems?

    Yes indeed. What could possibly go wrong?

    Methinks then there’s gonna be an immediately urgent vital need for another secondary prime contract to ensure and insure and assure all that everything is gonna be alright whenever there would be so much there that could be guaranteed to go wrong.

    And if you delay and have a great deal of trouble finding any willing enabling soul able to take on and show any degree of mastery in that almighty task, the damage wrought to familiar infrastructure and national security interests will be catastrophic and irreparably permanent ..... so no pressure there then to make a quantum leap and engage with what would surely be easily classified relatively recent remote unknown forces and sources should there be no conventional almighty task master available for secondary prime contracting.

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