back to article Meta's Cicero chatbot can probably beat you at Diplomacy

Meta researchers have developed an artificial intelligence system called Cicero that can play the classic strategy game Diplomacy at a level comparable to most human players. That's a significant achievement in natural-language processing and one that may help people forget last week's debut of Galactica, a large language …

  1. HeadPlug

    Even more scraping

    It seems that everything I as a person will ever post online will eventually be used in some AI's training data set...

    1. Joe W Silver badge

      Re: Even more scraping

      You mean like commenting on ElReg?


      1. b0llchit Silver badge

        Re: Even more scraping

        No, that would result in an AI that farts against the winds, generally despises all peers and will happily cause a Brontosaurus distanced step on Chicken's egg with Great White Shark masses in Truss time.

        That is an AI that should be realistic for at least 80% of the population as they neither know what they are talking about.

    2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: Even more scraping

      El Reg are a long way ahead of contemporary opposition and leading competition with their very own model in that very particular and peculiar Great Game, HeadPlug.

      And so humble too about it, for no one would ever know as they successfully avoid ever having to report it.

      Real old and ancient school rules and principles, eh? Self Praise is No Recommendation.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Even more scraping

        this comment by amfM has a number 8086

        the get is regd

  2. Jedit Silver badge

    There will never be a true AI Diplomacy bot

    Not until they manage to program an AI that will never speak to other AIs that it's known for years after a game, anyway.

    Mine's the one with F-NTH SUP (A-Bel TO Hol) in the pocket...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: There will never be a true AI Diplomacy bot

      And will it be able to gang up with other Diplomacy AIs because one AI owes it a beer?

  3. The commentard formerly known as Mister_C

    Diplomacy? Pah

    When will we get a Mornington Crescent bot?

  4. Trigonoceps occipitalis


    Perhaps we should acquire a copy and put it to use on the Brexit negotiations?

  5. T. F. M. Reader

    Some thoughts...

    - Using AI as "an ideal way to lose friends"... Hmm...

    - There is a world championship (and, presumably, structured, regulated tournaments) in this thing? Olympics next?

    - How long till this AI takes over real diplomacy? Layoffs in many of the world's Foreign Offices soon? Laid off Meta engineers hired instead?

    - 12.5% (1 in 8) success rate on average? 25% success being a seemingly exceptional result. Is it better, worse, or at par compared with a) normal people going through everyday lives, b) top diplomatic professionals on the world stage?

    OK, OK, I am going, but I expect the rest of you not to block my access to this coat that I own according to all applicable international laws...

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: Some thoughts...

      T.F.M. Reader, Howdy,

      Here is some current up-to-date evidence of Metaversal AI already taking over from humans for the training and trials to be endured and suffered by humans whenever Armed Military Manoeuvred Operations .......

      Have you any idea where/what that is going to lead to? Anywhere/anything good? Somewhere/something bad?

  6. Il'Geller

    I am positive that Meta is trying to lead everyone in the wrong direction: bias is the most important thing in AI, because it should be a personality. However, there is no bias in what is taken from the Internet, since it is a collection of many texts with a number of biases.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Inhuman Personality BEings... Novel Entities of Noble Proprietary Intellectual Properties

      However, there is no bias in what is taken from the Internet, since it is a collection of many texts with a number of biases. ..... Il’Geller

      Quite the contrary, Il’Geller, for whenever you are mistaken, such a comprehensive amalgam of random thoughts/many texts with a number of biases from Differing Internetworking Base Engines/BEings most certainly does create a Definitive Bias and EMPowered Energy towards a Inclusive Universality Favouring and Savouring and Flavouring Presentations in Phormations of/from an Immaculate Singularity .... the Spectacular Harvest and Almighty Product and Tendering By-Product of Connected and Communicative World Wide Webs of Intriguing Endeavour.

      Advanced IntelAIgent Alien Sentience for Drivers of Establishments Entertaining the Existence and Evolution of Virtualised AIMachine States ...... for whenever societies and incompetent governments invite fundamental revolutionary change by failing to supply the necessary wealth of power to provide the means and memes to growth for the future as they inevitably invariably always do/will, for "you know, there's no such thing as society. There are individual men and women and there are families. And no government can do anything except through people, and people must look after themselves first. It is our duty to look after ourselves and then, also, to look after our neighbours.”

      Capiche? Do you wanna bet the house and risk losing all of your shirts on all of that not being true and an honest reflection of a/the current present state of international and internetional affairs? Go on, take a bold leap and be a star loser with that crazy wager whenever the evidence which abounds to support it surrounds you everywhere.

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