back to article Amazon to spend $4.4b in India as it adds second AWS region

On Monday, AWS launched a new infrastructure region in Hyderabad with three availability zones, making it the second region for the datacenter clusters in India. "The launch of the AWS Asia Pacific (Hyderabad) Region supports India's digital transformation and is part of our long-term investment in the country since opening …

  1. Kev18999

    Layoffs in Amazon US while moving jobs to India.

  2. man_iii

    Job cuts or offshoring

    Hasn't it been happening for the longest time? US company offshores jobs to some 3rd world low cost location and rehires a few "managers" or "directors" for oversight and remote management back in the US.

    With CoV19 and WFH becoming the norm, this has to have been accelerated beyond belief.

    Also IT support isn't the "sexiest" job right? Crypto bros and influencers and ahem OF and the gig economy are at their peak right right?

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