back to article Asia's superapps follow another hot tech trend: mass layoffs

Asia's superapps have have hopped on to a hot new trend in the tech industry: workforce reductions. Southeast Asia's Uber-clone turned superapp, Grab, experienced what CEO Anthony Tan referred to as a "strong third quarter that reflects [the company's] accelerated path to profitability." This included a year-on-year group …

  1. lglethal Silver badge

    I see all these are reporting record revenues, but no word on profit.

    Can I make the safe assumption, that none of these are actually making a profit yet?

    1. trevorde Silver badge

      Revenue is vanity; profit is sanity; cash flow is reality

    2. Joe W Silver badge

      no profit

      This is how I read the statement "strong third quarter that reflects [Grab's] accelerated path to profitability."

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