back to article Arm confirms IPO delay till later in 2023, blames global markets

The troubled public offering of Brit chip designer Arm looks set to be delayed until sometime next year, amid fears that worsening economic conditions may make investors reluctant to buy into the company. Arm was set to be floated on the stock market within the current fiscal year following the collapse of its sale to Nvidia …

  1. pimppetgaeghsr Bronze badge


    And if they did it in 2021 they would have successfully exited in a heavily inflated stock market the likes of which may not be seen for decades, rather than spending 18 months on a visibly doomed acquisition. Bizarre, not unlike the rest of their investments.

  2. Death Boffin

    Market timing

    Margins are wafer thin right now. The market has been chipping away at value. An IPO now would be dicey.

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