back to article Nvidia H100-based Henri supercomputer tests AMD’s claim on Green500

There’s a new energy-efficiency king at the top of this fall’s Green500 ranking of the most green supercomputers in the world, and it's a tiny 31-kilowatt cluster powered by Nvidia’s H100 GPUs. Developed by Lenovo for the Flatiron Institute in New York, the two petaflop Henri system is the first and only system using Nvidia’s …

  1. PhoenixKebab

    Are they underclocking it?

    As they are only demonstrating <40% of the theoretical performance, I wonder if the server cards are having similar power delivery issues as RTX 4090 desktop cards?

    Obviously the connectors should be better, but these new ones are 700w cards compared to the previous generations 400w or 350w.

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