back to article Chips in space: Reprogrammable AMD AI SoC cleared for liftoff

AMD claims that AI inferencing is about to become cheaper and more widely available for satellites and other space equipment now that a version of its reprogrammable Versal system-on-chip has been deemed worthy of celestial travel. The Silicon Valley chip designer announced Tuesday that its XQR Versal AI Core, XQRVC190, has …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Danger Will Robinson Space Warning re Reprogrammable AI SoC Products

    If the AI Reprogrammable SoC Product is not suitably hardened, or able to be suitably hardened via further remote programming on the fly whilst on operations ie effectively resistant to and and fault tolerant of AI interferencing, will its exclusion of wayward and extraneous/malicious and/or extra curricular otherworldly command and control activity/energisation be lost if ever it be thought necessarily present within in the first instance and accommodated for within its core design.

    Such is an exploitable vulnerability, easily exercised by some which may or may not be just a few amongst many, rendering to them absolute remote command of all virtually almighty control levers.

    The consequences for systems reliant upon known dependent reprogrammable stabilities can be, if so desired, extremely catastrophic and terminal via the malice aforethought root/route or wonderfully exciting and rewarding via other greater roots/routes.

    Choose your journeys and destinations wisely with those products leading and following on behind.

    1. that one in the corner Silver badge

      Re: Danger Will Robinson Space Warning re Reprogrammable AI SoC Products

      Well, this is a subject that amfM is an expert on (if only we all had such powers of introspection).

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