back to article Aurora delays keep Frontier supercomputer in #1 spot on Top500

Despite expectations that we might see the long-awaited Aurora supercomputer crest the Top500 list of the world’s most powerful systems, the US Department of Energy's 1.1 exaflop Frontier machine at Oak Ridge National Lab continues to hold the number one spot. Frontier's lead in the biannual ranking of publicly known …

  1. that one in the corner Silver badge

    to cross the two-exaflop barrier.

    Barrier? Will there be red flashing lights and an excited voice shouting:

    "1.9 exa-flops; 1.95 exa-flops; she won't make it, we've got to shut it down; 1.99 exa-flops".

    Camera flare streaks across the room; an exhaust fan shrieks, winding up past top-C, the sudden gust blowing off the young Assistant Programmer's glasses and hair scrunchy: "My God, Albert, you are beautiful".

    "1.999 exa-flops." A loud cracking noise, like a whip wielded by the gods themselves; a visible shockwave passes through the room, rattling the processor cages.

    "TWO exa-flops! 2.1! 2.2!" The noise recedes, the room stops shaking, the emergency lighting switches back to white. "Holding steady at 2.2 exa-flops, Sir".

    Close up on the main console, as a shaking hand approaches a large button then, decisively, punches it: "Press release away and running. We've done, by Heaven, we've done it!".

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