back to article Alibaba hides 11.11 shopping festival sales figures for the first time

Chinese web giant Alibaba has declared this year's 11.11 "Singles Day" e-commerce frenzy a success, but for the first time has not revealed the value of product shifted on the day. The company usually trumpets the financial aspect of the sale, because for years the amount spent on the day has soared. In 2020, for example, the …

  1. NeilPost Silver badge


    “Last but not least, BDx Indonesia announced its plan to develop a 100MW datacenter campus near the nation's capital, Jakarta”

    Isn’t Jakarta sinking …so building it in Nusantara is suggested.

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    Is that far enough ?

    "TY15 will be located one kilometer from the TY6/TY7/TY8 IBX datacenters and approximately 1.5 kilometers from the TY2 IBX datacenter"

    We're talking about Japan, hence earthquakes and tsunamis. I thought that the preferred distance between two datacenters was in the ballpark of 10 kilometers, not less than two.

  3. imanidiot Silver badge

    Not too surprised by the stalling Alibaba sales event. The deals were even more shit than last year. Had some stuff (mostly DIY electronics component tat and the likes) and it was literally cheaper a month ago without any special coupons than it was during the sale WITH the (very limited) amount of coupons applied. Not worth it, so they didn't get a sale from me.

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