back to article Microsoft to spend $1 billion on datacenters in North Carolina

Microsoft is building four datacenters in North Carolina as part of a phased development that will see it invest at least $1 billion over the next decade. The datacenter expansion will see Microsoft construct the facilities at sites in Conover, Maiden and two at Hickory in Catawba County, creating at least 50 new jobs, …

  1. wsm

    Strange map reading

    All four data centers would be in basically the same place. Hickory, Conover and Maiden are all adjacent, and on the same Interstate 40, except for Maiden being just a few miles south.

    The author might just take a look at a map. But this being Microsoft-based, maybe he used Bing...

  2. chivo243 Silver badge

    Must be a typo?

    Investing over 1 Billion dollars, creating 4 data centers, mostly adjacent from wsm's comment above, and creating over 50 jobs? Fifty? 5 0 5-0 50! Jobs?! Gotta be a typo...

  3. Kev99 Silver badge

    Let's see. Mictosoft threw off $65+ BILLION free cash in 2021. They're going to invest $1 Billion over ten years. And the idiots in North Carolina bought mictosoft's sob story in exchange for 50 jobs, while costing the local governments untold millions in tax revenues. In the over 20 years I sat on tax incentive review councils very seldom did I see a truly needy company ask for tax breaks. Tax incentives are a giant scam that companies use to play communities off one another for minimal benefit to the communities. I wonder how many millions the local and state governments will have to spend for capital infrastructures?

    1. NeilPost Silver badge

      I suppose it’s tax revenues they would not get if the DC’s not built … but agreed, Microsoft do not need the subsidy to grease business deals.

  4. MachDiamond Silver badge

    Microsoft being paid for 50 jobs?

    Why should government be paying M$? They don't seem to need the money and they aren't bringing much to the area but some large buildings that will suck up loads of power.

    Are these jobs all about $200,000/yr or are they sub-$100k jobs that are mainly for the changing of air filters and R&R of failed hardware? I would assume a fair number will be minimum wage security guards.

  5. Pirate Dave Silver badge

    Who knew

    The North Carolina Good Ol' Boy network was still accepting applications? If memory serves, Hickory used to be a hub for textiles and furniture, perhaps still is.

    I guess I should be glad they didn't come to Georgia. We've already got more than enough corporate vampires here (and enough people).

  6. NeilPost Silver badge


    “Currently, Microsoft already operates more than 200 datacenters globally. Last year, Microsoft said it planned to build new facilities in at least 10 more countries, and that it aimed to construct between 50 and 100 new datacenters each year for the foreseeable future. ®”

    This does not seem to make sense. Assuming a DC is fixed currency … are you really saying they are going to grow is 25-50% in Y1 year … that’s implausible…. and continue at that same (but diminishing rate)?

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