back to article Semiconductor Climate Consortium aims to cut chipmaking carbon emissions

A newly created semiconductor industry body is attending the COP27 climate conference this week to talk about members’ aims to hit net zero emissions by 2050 – and hopefully clean up the chip industry's act. The Semiconductor Climate Consortium (SCC) was formed at the start of November and comprises more than 60 founding …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Let me guess

    They formed a group to lobby why they need more time to clean up their act. Maybe they'll crow about planting some twigs to clear their consions.

  2. b0llchit Silver badge

    Yes, 40000 people gathered in one place to discuss emissions.

    Most if not all came by plane.

    This is the 27th time they did this.


  3. 3arn0wl Bronze badge

    Humanity's appetite for processors

    seems to be ever-increasing (and perhaps that's the real problem), so :

    - we should make them in the most environmental way possible - from beginning to end. And yes, that's a complex problem - and probably a political one as much as an industry one - but it's not insurmountable, surely? And

    - we ought to be making processors that are as efficient at processing as possible (PPA).

    I hope this does amount to more than green-washing, and is more than a cheap way of appearing to be concerned about the environment (without actually having to do much about the resources being used, and the mess being made).

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