back to article US to Japan: We'll help you make chips. Now about that China ban...

As Washington tries to persuade allies to join its China chip technology export ban, Japan is preparing for a joint research project with the US on the development of next generation advanced semiconductors. According to reports, Japan is aiming to allocate 350 billion yen ($2.38 billion) on the US collaboration.Nikkei Asia …

  1. Lordrobot

    Japan's singular purpose in Life is to buy US DEBT...

    Its secondary purpose is to be John and Joan Wayne's radioactive houseboy...

  2. martinusher Silver badge

    Japan's been on the receiving end

    Back decades ago Japan got into the semiconductor business and starting wiping the floor with US companies with their DRAM sales. The result was tariffs.

    They've had similar problems in the past. Consumer electronics, cars, motorcycles (these attracted substantial tariffs in n effort to protect Harley Davidson). You have to learn how to nod, smile and generally play the game (or at least how to play it). China's now attracting the same attention from the US, its too damn successful, so they're being enlisted to help. They may play along but deep down they know that if they get too big for their boots they'll be hit again.

  3. Kaufman

    America turtles in fear of China and takes friends down the same path

    Instead of competing the US spends all of it's efforts to impede China. This is not only desperate and cowardly but this forces China to accelerate their development. Less competition for the US means less innovation.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The US could always just threaten to nuclear bomb them a 3rd time

    ... just to make sure they know their place - it appears to have worked the first two times ...

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