back to article Quantum startup demos spin qubits fabbed with existing tech

Startup Quantum Motion is joining the silicon spin qubit gang with its own technology that can fit thousands of quantum dots onto a single silicon chip fabricated in a commercial semiconductor foundry. The move marks another small step along the road to building full-scale fault-tolerant quantum systems. The company, led by …

  1. mattaw2001

    Refreshing and unusual realism!

    Honestly, this is one of the more nuanced discussion of the technology I have seen. I was expecting the end of the article to claim that we were within five years of quantum computing which will replace everything we know, not a statement that "we have to try it out to see, really".

    1. Schultz
      Thumb Up

      Re: Refreshing and unusual realism!

      Usually followed by rapid disinvestment and the money being reallocated into the Next Big Thing. The latter, of course, has its 5-10 years in the sun before realism sets in. ... Cue, the next migration to amazing unexplored pastures filled with ill-defined concepts and grandiose language.

  2. Eric Olson

    Wait, did I just read what I think I read?

    Did someone provide an assessment that was outside of 10 years? Their investors must be angels. There's no way a CTO of a company that will ever need money again would describe their time horizon as 20 years.

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