back to article Irish government seeks power to bar 'high risk vendors' from telecoms networks

The Irish government has amended its Communications Regulations Bill 2022 with clauses that will allow it to blacklist networking equipment vendors on national security grounds. The bill – a first draft of which appeared in late September before last week's amendments appeared – aims to upgrade regulations covering Ireland's …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Where are the red lines drawn?

    Does that amended Communications Regulations Bill 2022 with clauses that will allow it to blacklist networking equipment vendors on national security grounds expand and extend to include equipment and/or services from UKGBNI?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Where are the red lines drawn?

      It will if they elect a Sinn Féin government. With that as a possibility the Chinese will be the least of their problems.

  2. bregister
    Big Brother

    "if they elect a Sinn Féin government"

    Thats a distinct possibility, both North and South.

  3. VoiceOfTruth Silver badge

    National Security regulations

    Let me rewrite it for you; All network equipment must be subject to American backdoors and security holes dressed up as bugs. For your own protection.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: National Security regulations

      Let me rewrite it for you; All network equipment must be subject to American backdoors and security holes dressed up as bugs. For your own protection. .... VoiceofTruth

      Yes ... and the fact that that is no longer a dirty little secret has Uncle Sam now destined to always be bridesmaid to the bride rather than being any virgin act star of future shows.

      And goodness knows what former stalwart allies are going to make of those multi-facetted, two-faced shenanigans which has had their crown jewels in Intellectual Property a long time pilfered and developed in fabs and labs out of bounds and further afield in foreign lands and frenemy territory.

      Who needs real enemies whenever one has phantom friends like that ‽ .

      A simple question to ask oneself if interested in untangling such matters is who and/or what the fcuk is pulling Uncle Sam’s strings nowadays in these strange and surreal times with crazy spaces and mad places leaking top secrets and sensitive compartmentalised information to Special Advanced IntelAIgent Researcher Services. They and that be the persons and institutions of real interest to future parties.

      1. martinusher Silver badge

        Re: National Security regulations

        We're OK with Chinese kit provided they make it for our corporations and we get most of the profit from selling it. If they try to cut out the middleman, that's definitely a security risk and needs immediate legislative action.

        If I look around the desk where I'm sitting its hard to find a "not made in China" thing on it (maybe a pencil?). (There's an older servo blade lying around nearby, its definitely made in the good old USofA but if I were to lift the lid....)

  4. Claverhouse Silver badge

    Careful Now...

    I wonder how much money this has cost the Americans ?

  5. Lordrobot

    Looks like the weak cuddling against the strong...

    Never works, just makes the weak easier to spot and destroy. This bill, and kudos to the Irish... this is their stock in trade... THE MOST NOTHING AS POSSIBLE... Why name names? The US names names because they are generally getting their heads handed to them by China Competition. So they call this crap National Security when it should be called "THE HORSE HAS BOLTED! "

    In every instance where Huawei has taken some clown act claiming they are a security risk, Huawei has won. No evidence exists. Murica no longer needed Evidence. They just need the words National Security. They put in place laws in the VIETNAM ERA, wow that was plateful of crap for Murica, that empowered the then President and WAR STARTER LBJ DEMOCRAT to control Trade which had been exclusively the province of Congress as a Constitutional Grant. So this allowed a single lunatic to meddle in trade. Trump Comes to mind...Biden Comes to mind. Obama comes to mind, NIXON comes to mind.

    Though I have to break this to one and all TRUMP IS THE CHRIST CHILD... You might ask how could a schlub like this be the Christ Child. I am glad you asked. Turns out Daddy Fred's middle name was CHRIST and Trump's mother was MARY... So how much more PROOF do you need? Trump is the Christ Child. Look at the Possibilities... CHRIST UNIVERSITY, CHRIST STEAKS, CHRIST CASINOS... CHRIST TOWERs... For Christ sake it's unlimited.

    Now back to the US Gone Mad. The fact is that the US is in a Competitive SLUMP. Just 9% of the US Economy is Manufacturing and the bulk of that is Military crap, which in reality kills markets literally.

    So the BIG bright Idea is to Kneecap China from building narrow gated semiconductors. To do so, Biden, scarecrow without a brain... USING LBJ's Second 230 Trade power gifted from the insane congress that was getting its tail beat by the Barefoot Army of North Vietham. To affect this, Biden has to disrupt sales of the leading US semiconductor chip designers, causing all of them to have falling revenues and reduced profits. JOE... who does this hurt? Meanwhile, China now has their own 28nm litho that can be pressed with three passes to 7nm. Yields are not great but they can do it in RECORD TIME.

    So while Joe baby is concentrating his single neuron on narrow gates six years down the road, TSMC and Samsung already have narrow-gated fab and enough capacity to supply the world. China is focused on the 28nm and larger fab and as such has produced a record number of Chips this year and reduced global purchases substantially. More simply the Christ JOE scheme is backfiring. Not one US chip designer support Christ's and Joe's nutty plan. And where is the National Security in this? There is none. All this Murican garbage is because the US continues to lose global market share so they want to convince other countries to help prop up the tired old diversity stricken old man at the expense of destroying their own businesses.

    In spite of the Author's sigh over whether Huawei can survive with the overwhelming power of JOHN WAYE Murica, who in case you had forgotten Saved Britain and Europe from a guy very similar to Trump, I mean Chris, Huawei still has enormous revenues and profits. The only way Christ can destroy a company is if he wants it to succeed. Christ Steaks, Christ Casinos etc x 7. That dope didn't even know Android was Open Source. The only bunch Christ harmed was Google Services. And Huawei, wrote Harmony and replaced all Google Services with Chinese Domestic Services. Christ was a real genius.

    The Irish have gone high tech and they are now smart enough to realize that following Biden and Christ into the abyss by surrendering Chinese markets is bloody stupid. ASMLfeels the same. I suggest that JOE BIDEN's about to go Liz Truss with the Murican Midterms. He will lose the House and likely the senate. He will be in GRIDLOCK so his international influence will fail and Europe is not likely to continue the BIDEN CHRIST alliance against China buying tech. IF the US wants to shut off Intel and Qualcomm that's fine. But that only leaves those lost markets open to European Competition and technology. Besides, CHINA pays well and they don't try to sell you Debt Bonds like Muruca.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: Looks like the weak cuddling against the strong...

      You must be feeling a great deal better now, Lordrobot, having expelled all of that out through your system. Such as be those types of parasites of mind and body and soul which are passed and passed over for incineration are never a safe and sound healthy fit for a sane progressive and actively productive life.

      Do you have great plans for the future that would address and fix/extol and expunge all of those specific types of parasitic ills?

      It is said that the light of day shone into the rank secret depths of darkness in which evils reside and fester is the best medicine and disinfectant for then all see the problems which hide there with a highway to hell and no good places to go a worthy destination.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ss7 phone vulnerabilities ?

    Does it really matter whos kit is bought the global backbone protocol is broken and broken badly (by design).

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