back to article Education tech giant gets an F for security after sensitive info on 40 million users stolen

Sloppy data security at education tech giant Chegg exposed students and workers' personal information not once but four times in various ways over four years, according to the FTC.  In response, the American consumer watchdog today ordered the company to better protect data, including encrypting sensitive information, …

  1. VoiceOfTruth Silver badge


    -> Chegg is wholly committed to safeguarding users' data and has worked with reputable privacy organizations...

  2. Mike 137 Silver badge

    "But it's in the cloud ...

    "and everyone knows the cloud is secure. They do the security for us don't they"

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Chegg offers a ton of online educational services and products, including e-textbooks for rent, homework help, and exam preparation, primarily to high school and college students

    Don't be so coy. Chegg is a contract cheating site to which students pay money to have their assessments written for them. Everything else is window dressing.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "our current robust security practices"

    "We made them change their passwords... oh, you want us to do more?"

  5. Claptrap314 Silver badge


    Are they still in business?

    Fines for this garbage ought to start as a % of global business & double per breach with less than 3 years between. Add some personal liability for the board & C-suite while you're at it.

  6. An_Old_Dog Silver badge

    Corporate Malfeasance

    Unencrypted personal data?! That sort of thing does not deserve a corporate fine. Instead, the Board of Directors should get a crotch-kicking, administered by the people whose data was released: one kick from each victim.

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