back to article HPE supercomputer to tell Singapore that it's hot, humid, probably going to rain

HPE has booked another supercomputer win, this time providing compute power for the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) to deliver improved weather forecasting and tropical climate research for Singapore and Southeast Asia. The new supercomputer is another based on the Cray EX architecture [PDF] using AMD Epyc processors, …

  1. xyz Silver badge

    Meanwhile and on a smaller scale..

    Is the LoRa AI product (no names but 'merican) that can distinguish between sparrow and parakeet calls with a 72% accuracy. I'm still in tears.

    1. b0llchit Silver badge

      Re: Meanwhile and on a smaller scale..

      African or European?

  2. Tom Womack

    That seems a tiny machine to be boasting about

    0.4 petaflops, so a fifth the compute of the smallest machine in the June 2022 top500, and with 196 processors and no GPUs I would be startled if it took more than one rack (Frontier packs 128 processors and 512 GPUs per rack). I am surprised HPE bothered putting out a press release!

    There are three larger supercomputers announced on the top500 in Singapore already.

  3. EricB123 Bronze badge

    I Don't Think So

    I usually enjoy the wisecrack subheading for El Reg articles. But not this time.

    "HPE supercomputer to tell Singapore that it's hot, humid, probably going to rain".

    As an American expat who lives in SE Asia, I can tell you the storm reporting, say typhoons and cyclones is second-rate at best to the quality of storm reporting back in the West. And many of these people are poor, with no means to quickly get to higher ground. Better reporting for SE Asia would undoubtedly save lives. Just thought I'd educate you a bit.

  4. julian.smith

    Even the English PM of the day could predict that the Singapore weather would be "humid, probably going to rain"

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