back to article 'Chief Twit' Musk delivers bathroom furniture to Twitter HQ ... but not Tesla results

Instead of delivering Tesla's expected quarterly revenue, CEO Elon Musk decided to take a bathroom sink to the headquarters of Twitter, the social media platform he bid for in April. The hamfisted prank coincided with the eve of the deadline to complete the $44 billion takeover of the popular social media platform, which at …

  1. aerogems Silver badge

    Something of a nitpick

    Musk didn't co-found Tesla. It existed before he came along and bought his way in. He was an early investor maybe, but not a founder. He's currently suing so he can call himself a founder, which... if you have to sue, you weren't a founder.

    1. neilo

      Re: Something of a nitpick

      It's not a nit-pick; it's a fundamental point to the whole thing. Musk's self-aggrandizing and reality-bending needs to be called out.

    2. gtqc

      Re: Something of a nitpick

      That sounds like a good screenplay, it'd probably make a pretty decent film. How about "The Founder", would that work?

      1. Doctor Evil

        Re: Something of a nitpick

        The "Founder" ... better

        1. gtqc

          Re: Something of a nitpick

          > The "Founder" ... better

          I was referring to a film that already exists, and which is based on the same basic idea­ that the poster raised.

  2. LogicGate Silver badge

    Spellchecker required

    Musk should have spellchecked before posting. It is spelled "Chief Twat".

    Not doing so quickly leads to hamberders.

    1. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

      Re: Spellchecker required

      Check the original meaning of twit. It is surprisingly appropriate to Twitter and Musk although the modern meaning works well for the price paid and the attempts to escape paying up.

      1. jake Silver badge

        Re: Spellchecker required

        As used in this context in the English Language, it was probably a contraction of the American "nitwit", as brought over to England by the Yanks in WWI, and then shortened to "twit" in Blighty between the wars, which then returned to America following WWII. But as with most slang, nobody knows for sure.

        Whatever the actual origin, It's a handy, short descriptive word that does the job.

        Beers all around.

  3. big_D Silver badge

    Chief Twit

    Sorry, that position has been taken already. Leo LaPorte has been calling himself the Chief Twit for nearly 2 decades - he is the head of TWiT.

    1. Steve Button Silver badge

      Re: Chief Twit

      Ah TWiT.

      I pretty much gave up listening when they stopped booking Dvorak. But before that I used to enjoy it.

      1. Mike 137 Silver badge

        Re: Chief Twit

        Sadly, calling himself this probably does not indicate the emergence of self knowledge.

    2. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge

      Re: Chief Twit

      Let's see if he says...

      I Twit, Therefore I am

  4. F. Frederick Skitty Silver badge

    The Musk-Rat said:

    "People are able to disseminate news without an establishment bias"

    But he forgot to add:

    "and with no fact checking or any kind of accountability".

    1. Herring`


      "A beautiful thing about Twitter is how it empowers citizen journalism – people are able to disseminate news without a factual bias,"

      1. ThatOne Silver badge

        Facts are so 2000ies...

    2. steviebuk Silver badge

      He'll also allow all his Chinese CCP mates run wild on it. Which is odd, considering its banned in China, unless of course, you're in the CCP and want to use it to abuse it for your bullshit soft power.

    3. 43300 Bronze badge

      But what is a "fact" and who decides? The past few years have shown that "fact checkers" just spew out the orthodox government line

      We have a situation where some anonymous "fact checker" can claim that a highly credentialed academic speaking on their specialist subject is giving "misinformation" simply because the academic doesn't agree with the official line. This is dangerous.

      Time will tell what Musk delivers, but his criticism of the censorship on Twitter is valid.

      1. steviebuk Silver badge

        "censorship on Twitter is valid"

        You could also argue its not. Its a private company's product, they can censor it however they wish. If people think its too strict they should stop using it in the hope it slowly disappears. Easier said than done when something is as big as Twitter.

        1. 43300 Bronze badge

          It's a de-facto public forum, so needs regulating to stop it censoring anything its moderators don't happen to agree with. Ditto all other such platforms.

          If you disagree with a point of view, post an alternative. If you think something is bollocks, debunk it. Censorship should only be acceptable in a very small number of categories, such as direct and specific incitement to violence.

          1. jake Silver badge

            "If you disagree with a point of view, post an alternative."

            OK. I'll bite. How about "My server, my rules.".

            Or do you also think that your garage door, being a de-facto public canvas, should be subject to any and all graffiti?

            Is it censorship if you ban political graffiti, but allow sports or religious graffiti on your garage door? How about if your immediate neighbor, the other half of your duplex, allows political graffiti but bans sports and religious graffiti on his garage door? Where is the censorship if the artists(??) can get their message across to the exact same passers by, even if you or your neighbor bans that particular communication?

            1. 43300 Bronze badge

              Irrelevant comparison - these platforms are for the purpose of public communication, and have become so big that they are now de facto public utilities. Therefore they need regulating - if they are left free to censor whatever they like then that is extremely dangerous for democracy generally.

              I find it interesting that sites like this (which are mostly leftist) think it's fine, generally because at the moment it's mainly the right getting censored. I'm fairly leftist too, but I do not believe that things should be censored just because I don't happen to agree with them.

              I am confident that if one of these platforms started censoring the left, many of those who have been saying 'private business, they can do what they want' would suddenly change their view on that!

              1. jake Silver badge

                "these platforms are for the purpose of public communication"

                No, they are not. They are built for the specific purpose of gathering the personal details of the people using them, in order to sell that information in aggregate to any advertising company who can pony up. The fact that you might be able to communicate with somebody else using the system is purely to entice you to provide that info. It worked, too ... but note that NOWHERE does that service promise to provide that capability to you for eternity. Quite the opposite, in fact ... most (all?) say that they are free to terminate their service to anyone, at any time, for any reason (including no reason). It's in the fine print of the Terms Of Service you agreed to when you signed up. You DID read that fine print, and understood it before agreeing to it, right?

                "generally because at the moment it's mainly the right getting censored."

                Nobody is getting censored. Only a government can be a censor. The opinions of those who get kicked out of any online service[0] can easily be found wherever they wind up, they are not shut up, they are still freely allowed to voice their views. In extreme cases, they can even buy their own platform if they like, and talk away about anything, whenever they like ... see the former orange idiot-in-chief, the idiot formerly known as Kanye, and the stoner.

                "I am confident that if one of these platforms started censoring the left, many of those who have been saying 'private business, they can do what they want' would suddenly change their view on that!"

                I am absolutely certain that you are quite correct. I am not one of those people.

                To me this isn't a freedom of speech issue. It's a freedom of the press issue. And as we all know, freedom of the press belongs to those who own one.[1]

                I own a printing press (two, actually). I am allowed to take contracts to print anything I like, for anybody I like (obvious exceptions exist: kitty pR0n, national secrets, etc.). But it's my press, so I am allowed to reject any contract if I don't agree with the message I am asked to print.

                However, I am ALSO allowed to accept a contract I do not agree with, if I need/want the money. And I am free to reject a reprint of that contract, or further work from that party, if I no longer need the money. Or simply because I don't want to. Completely capriciously.

                It's my press. My power over its output is absolute. If I refuse to print xtian or nazi or MyLittlePony propaganda, it is not censorship. The person requesting it can go elsewhere to get it printed. Or they can purchase their own press and print it for themselves.

                Anybody who doesn't like this is free to not contract with me to do their printing. They can even ask their friends to not use my services. But they can NOT force me to print for them. The law doesn't work that way.

                Only a government can attempt censorship. Even they usually fail.

                [0] For values of "service" roughly equivalent to "I turned out the ram to service my sheep".

                [1] In 1941, Norman Woelfel published a work called “The Fourth and Fifth Estate” which included the following quote: "It is foolish to assume, because in America we do not have an official propaganda agency dictating what shall be broadcast, that American radio is free. Like the press which is free for those who own and control it, the radio is free for those who can buy equipment, hire technicians and talent, and secure profitable advertising contracts.". Today, I rather suspect he would have included "Internet Servers" in that sentiment.

              2. MyffyW Silver badge

                Let me try an experiment:

                "The proper role of government is just to guard the coastlines, and let UPS deliver the mail"

                Now, if that get's censored I will have proven what a hot-bed of leftist sentiment El Reg is. On the other hand, I suspect it won't because it's a perfectly reasonable piece of discourse representing a generally right wing view point.

                Or how about:

                "Probably it is true enough that the great majority are rarely capable of thinking independently, that on most questions they accept views which they find ready-made, and that they will be equally content if born or coaxed into one set of beliefs or another. In any society freedom of thought will probably be of direct significance only for a small minority. But this does not mean that anyone is competent, or ought to have power, to select those to whom this freedom is to be reserved. It certainly does not justify the presumption of any group of people to claim the right to determine what people ought to think or believe" - F A Hayek

                MyffyW - independent lefty

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Musk has just retweeted a debunked hit piece, from a known far right lie-spreading news site, implying Paul Pelosi was attacked by someone due to a gay encounter.

        That has been spreading like wildfire amongst the MAGA morons.

        That is the sort of thing that should be censored.

        I'm sure you'd be the first screaming for something to be removed if it posted your picture and address and was accusing you of being a paedophile.

        It would be great if we lived in a world where people could ignore lies, but as you (and Fox, and OAN, and Newsweek, and politicians) know, people believe this shit.

        1. jake Silver badge

          I don't think people believe this shit.

          I do think sheeple believe this shit.

  5. chivo243 Silver badge


    I can never understand what he means, I wonder what he's 'sinking'?

    1. LogicGate Silver badge

      Re: Whaa?

    2. jdiebdhidbsusbvwbsidnsoskebid

      Re: Whaa?

      '"Entering Twitter HQ – let that sink in!" Mr Musk wrote on Twitter, somewhat inexplicably.'

      He's making a pun relating to a tactic called, in business, "kitchen sinking", meaning to throw everything possible at something to get it done. Hence the phrase "everything but the kitchen sink".

      He's saying that he'll do what he's trying to, no matter what.

      There's also a variant of "kitchen sinking" meaning to throw everything in to deliberately confuse, or hide something. Given how Musk operates, either meaning could work here.

      1. NeilPost Silver badge

        Re: Whaa?

        There is also ‘brought everything inc the kitchen sink’ version… as in you may have stripped a house when you left.. I guess that means you are working harder than the ‘but the’ people

      2. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

        Re: Whaa?

        Except in this case, it's a bathroom sink, so either he tried to be "clever and got it wrong, or he's trying to be cleverer than we imagine and, being a bathroom sink, he;s saying he's going piss and shit all over everything.

        1. J. Cook Silver badge

          Re: Whaa?

          Well, the nickname I've been using for Musk is 'shitweasel', so there's that...

  6. jake Silver badge

    That's odd ...

    ... rats usually leave a sinking ship.

    A stoner descending to lavatory humo(u)r. Whodathunkit?

  7. Mike 137 Silver badge

    "Entering Twitter HQ – let that sink in!"

    "I wonder what he's 'sinking'?"

    The fact that he now owns it sinking into their minds I guess (a pre-school level attempt at a joke).

  8. Howard Sway Silver badge

    Musk decided to take a bathroom sink to the headquarters of Twitter

    Presumably it's meant to symbolise the fact that their business will soon be disappearing down the plughole.

    A toilet would have been a more appropriate bathroom furniture based symbol of his plans for the company..

    1. Dr Scrum Master

      Re: Musk decided to take a bathroom sink to the headquarters of Twitter

      You mean a wash basin?

      1. jake Silver badge

        Re: Musk decided to take a bathroom sink to the headquarters of Twitter

        No, a wash basin has no drain. He means a sink. The word was first recorded in the early 1400s, meaning what we would now call a muck pond. Later, in the mid 1400s it was the name of the drain that carried waste water to said pond. The modern meaning, as in "kitchen sink", the basin with a drain that carrries away used water, is from the mid 1500s.

      2. M.V. Lipvig Silver badge

        Re: Musk decided to take a bathroom sink to the headquarters of Twitter

        US companies, so US meanings.

        1. NeilPost Silver badge

          Re: Musk decided to take a bathroom sink to the headquarters of Twitter

          South Urfrikan cockwomble… so South Urfrikan meaning ??

          1. M.V. Lipvig Silver badge

            Re: Musk decided to take a bathroom sink to the headquarters of Twitter

            Yes, that. To know what something means, you have look at it in the correct context. US sayings won't make sense using UK meanings. Say "and Bob's yer uncle" to one of my fellow USians and they'll say "I don't have an uncle Bob."

            Not sure why all the downvotes though. Everything happened in the US, so US terms.

  9. Sil


    Your article is incorrect.

    Musk never cofounded Tesla. He invested in it then overtook it.

    Also don't forget to mention that he was fired from PayPal.

    1. Trigun Silver badge

      Re: Incorrect

      Given what Paypal have been up to recently, I'm not entirely sure that we should hold that against him.

      1. MrDamage Silver badge

        Re: Incorrect

        If a place as dodgy as Paypal can't stomach what Musk does, then what does that say about Musk?

    2. iron Silver badge

      Re: Incorrect

      What car was he driving when he overtook Tesla?

      Overtake and take over are not the same thing.

      1. heyrick Silver badge

        Re: Incorrect

        In British English, "overtook" can have the sense of "to grow, develop, or progress more quickly than something else" (source: Cambridge). So not so much taking over as taking the lead. Which I guess is a sort of take over if one is the kind of person who bends history to suit the narrative...

    3. MachDiamond Silver badge

      Re: Incorrect

      "Also don't forget to mention that he was fired from PayPal."

      There was which sold to Cofinity who fired Musk and then eventually rebranded itself as Paypal after another acquisition. Elon didn't have any input into PayPal but owned stock from payments for There are some better tellings of the story, but the gist is that Elon didn't have anything to do with the Paypal that was sold to eBay. There are people from the chain of companies that Elon was directly involved in that have excised any mention of working at those companies from their resumes on LinkedIn.

      Mark Tarppening and Martin Eberhard founded Tesla. Martin was supposed to get the first production Tesla Roadster off the production line, but Elon took it and eventually launched it into space perhaps as a final rude gesture to Martin. The car that Martin finally did get was a rebuilt wreck. A few of Elon's 'friends' got the first Roadsters. That gives one a keen insight into Elon.

  10. disgruntled yank


    "He went on to co-found Tesla, famed for improving the electric vehicle, a concept that has been around for more than 100 years. He also sends hardware into space, which Russia began doing 65 years ago."

    Pity you weren't around for James Watt. "Famed for improving the steam engine, a concept demonstrated by Hero of Alexandra 1700 years before."

    No, the cases really aren't comparable. But he seems to have done OK with SpaceX, Russian priority or not.

    1. MachDiamond Silver badge

      Re: Really?

      "But he seems to have done OK with SpaceX, Russian priority or not."

      That remains to be seen. Since SpaceX is private their books aren't readily available. The Raptor engines for Starship have had some serious issues making pretty green lights before going poof on the test stands. Without Raptor engines, there is no Starship, without Starship, Elon is saying they can't deploy the Starlink v2 satellites which means Starlink is in real trouble (it might never NOT be in trouble). SpaceX is betting the company on Starlink being a grand success. It's even more dire now as Elon made the biggest buy of a non-profit the world has ever seen which depletes his coffers. That's money that could have been reinvested into SpaceX and/or Tesla at crucial times.

  11. fidodogbreath Silver badge

    What a joker

    Haha laugh at my funny visual pun, underlings. Oh, by the way, 3/4 of you are fired. Let that sink in.

    1. Trigun Silver badge

      Re: What a joker

      As much as a dislike twitter and what it represents, Elon should have kept his mouth shut with regards letting anyone go at this time. Announcing it like he has seems a tad cruel.

      1. Khaptain Silver badge

        Re: What a joker

        It's not really any more cruel than what some of the staff have been doing for the last few years.

        They should have realised a long time ago that the eventual payback was going to taste bitter.

        1. Trigun Silver badge

          Re: What a joker

          Perhaps. I'm not a fan of twitter and it's role in helping divide people. However, I'm sure that not everyone who works there is ultra sensorious. At least I hope not.

          Another side of this is just simple professionalism and courtesy. I'd hate for my boss to just announce to the world that he's going to dump 75% of staff in the company that I work for.

          Don't take this as a dump on Elon Musk, btw: It's just that I think there are better ways of handling this kind of thing.

      2. ThatOne Silver badge

        Re: What a joker

        > Announcing it like he has seems a tad cruel.

        How else do you show you're the ultimate alpha-male and able to say "take that, bitch!" to anything which ever so slightly displeases you?

      3. MachDiamond Silver badge

        Re: What a joker

        "As much as a dislike twitter and what it represents, Elon should have kept his mouth shut with regards letting anyone go at this time. Announcing it like he has seems a tad cruel."

        It's exceptionally stupid to announce any cuts. People with nice resumes they've been honing since April have been looking for new places to go and have left. Some have as they don't like Elon, but others to make sure they continue to have employment. Twitter has offices in some of the most expensive areas to be located so the people working there need a nice high paying job to live indoors. Elon is also well known for wholesale firings even if his fans say it's just getting rid of the lowest performing staff. Rumors were circulated that there would be a bunch of working groups being dissolved and the people dismissed so that would net a bunch of dolphins with the tuna since a group is likely to contain both top notch people and others that might only do just enough to keep their jobs.

        When people leave a company, they take a certain portion of institutional knowledge with them. Lot's of people leaving over a short period of time will mean fewer people that understand why something is done a certain way and many of the ways of doing something that had been tried but didn't work. It will all have to be learned again and Elon will need to hope that lessons are learned fast enough to prevent the whole thing going down the drain. A government that's already had a chat with Twitter about what's permissible and what's not could have been amiable the first time, but if they have to have the same chat once again about the topic, fines could be involved. Bans are a possibility and even jail time for some sacrificial executive. Wasn't it India that chased after a bunch of local Twitter execs one time for something?

        1. ThatOne Silver badge

          Re: What a joker

          > When people leave a company [...]

          Don't forget Musk has a huge ego to feed and shareholders to placate. In a time where the average business plan doesn't seem to look past the next quarter, long term consequences are irrelevant. By then anyone smart will have dumped the shares I guess, and that's the only thing which is important: Making/not losing money.

  12. willfe

    My God the raw seething this man generates for daring to tickle the cathedral delights me to no end.

    1. Graham Dawson Silver badge

      Other than the efforts he directed at spacex, I find the man to be a boorish fool, but I will never stop laughing at the overwrought reaction he generates, from all the other boorish fools that have decided he's the ultimate evil.

      1. heyrick Silver badge

        Why, you're being very polite with "boorish fool". There are other expressions equally applicable to one who has sufficient financial resources that common decency, laws, nor morals need to be a concern.

        1. Graham Dawson Silver badge

          I try to avoid hyperbole.

  13. anthonyhegedus Silver badge

    Elongated muskrat

    He certainly needs a security review. He will run Twitter and he has Russian connections — not just any Russian - Vlad himself!

  14. steviebuk Silver badge

    As I replied on Twitter

    A stupid stunt by a stupid stunt.

    1. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge

      Re: As I replied on Twitter

      Someone mention Cupid Stunt?

      (very mildly NSFW)

      1. steviebuk Silver badge

        Re: As I replied on Twitter

        Mary Hinge

  15. The Axe

    The bias in the article is plain to see

    1. veti Silver badge

      You would rather it was hidden?

      At least this way we all know where we stand.

    2. fidodogbreath Silver badge

      The bias in the article is plain to see

      New here? Welcome.

      The Register is a mix of reporting and commentary, and always has been. It is not your typical "tech news" site, that takes marketing palaver at face value and never calls bullshit on anyone or anything. If you interpret that as "bias," you probably won't enjoy the site.

  16. Winkypop Silver badge

    Sink in?

    More like sinking…

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Elon Yoke

    We're all Musk Oxen now.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Terrible joke

    ""Entering Twitter HQ – let that sink in!" Mr Musk wrote on Twitter, somewhat inexplicably."

    I like a good and even a bad joke, but this one was terrible. Is this jocker genuinely amused by this ridicule setup ?

    ""A beautiful thing about Twitter is how it empowers citizen journalism – people are able to disseminate news without an establishment bias,"'

    Citizen journalism ? God. What next ? Citizen justice ? People getting lynched because "they pactise with Satan" like in the middle age ?

    This would certainly work if every citizen was a just and sound person, but such is so much not true ...

  19. Roj Blake Silver badge

    Musk Entering "The Office"

    Having seen the video with the sink, I've concluded that he's more David Brent than Tony Stark

    1. I should coco

      Re: Musk Entering "The Office"

      Neither of whom exist in reality, unlike Mr Musk.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    If Twitter collapses financially, will the Great Musk have the readies to pay his creditors?

    1. Blank Reg Silver badge

      Re: So

      That depends on how quickly tesla collapses.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'm reminded of a line from the Honest Government Ads..

    With the cuts he has announced it reminded me of that line in the brilliant juicemedia's Honest Government Ads (in that case about the former OZ government):

    "Putting the 'n' into cuts"

    Pretty much applies here.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    yesterday's Twitter is tomorrow's Titanic

    a fool with a tool... albeit one with a brain and the intelligence of EM doesn't make him a tool with a tool.

    If he knew half of what was possible with the people he hires, he'd be twice as far as he is > as it stands he is not.

    Not because of who or what he is... sadly because he is slightly of course enough on so many occasions to be close to sinking far too often.

    I wish him luck... and kind of think this is not going to end well.

    .. for the staff , the team , the culture.. that made it what it was... It's now off to <another horizon>.. another future.

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