back to article Microsoft warns Server Manager disk resets can vanish data

Microsoft has cooked up a workaround for a newly disclosed problem: losing data when you try to reset virtual disks using the vendor's Server Manager console in some versions of Windows Server. The Windows Server management console lets IT admins provision and manage local and remote Windows-based servers from their desktop. …

  1. Jou (Mxyzptlk) Silver badge

    That "same uniqe ID" problem is weird

    Normally there is no "same unique ID". The way to create those: Make a new virtual disk, and then copy the VHDX / VMDK instead of creating a new one.

    Doesn't change the diskmanagement tool bug, which is serious, since it should always go by the internal index and not unique ID.

    My recommended disk view is a bit more detailed though:

    Get-PhysicalDisk | ft DeviceID,FriendlyName,SerialNumber,MediaType,size,uniqueid,PhysicalLocation

    The above mentioned "clones" usually have the same serialnumber and friendlyname as well.

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