back to article KDE 5.26 gets a second point release (yes, already)

KDE 5.26.2 is out with an emergency fix for a memory leak – so if you already have the new version, you should update. If you don't have 5.26, we're here to tell you how. The version first appeared on October 11 with a bunch of new features that we described when we looked at the beta in September. Version 5.26.1 followed a …

  1. jake Silver badge

    Sadly? and Slackware

    "and sadly, the developers had to disable one of the fun new bits: animated wallpapers."

    OK. Personally, I turn off all the fluff. Glitter doesn't get work done.

    Fellow Slackware users (both of you), the update is available on all the usual mirrors.

    1. jgarbo

      Re: Sadly? and Slackware

      Flash! Dinosaurs do exist!

      1. jake Silver badge

        Re: Sadly? and Slackware

        Yes. We do. And we've got a 240 million year[0] evolutionary head start on lesser distros.

        Seriously, try it. You might like it.

        [0] That's in Internet years, obviously.

        1. jgarbo

          Re: Sadly? and Slackware

          Excuse the facetiousness, small joke. I've used Slackware but it couldn't handle my new work. Had to switch. Thing about Linux, you can always find a distro for you work.

        2. jilocasin

          Re: Sadly? and Slackware

          I did, for many years, many years ago. I'm not sure why I stopped using it. It could have been that it didn't support some bit of kit that I was running, perhaps it didn't support a DE I wanted to try. For whatever reason, I moved on.

          Those were fond, though sometimes frustrating memories.....

    2. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Re: Sadly? and Slackware

      As my screen is normally filled with apps, I virtually never see the desktop and have never really understood the attraction of wallpapers.

      1. gerryg

        Re: Sadly? and Slackware

        Each to their own.

        My wallpaper is a photograph of a squirrel clinging on for dear life while trying to get a drink of water from my pond. I still enjoy looking at it.

      2. chivo243 Silver badge

        Re: Sadly? and Slackware

        I once had a wallpaper with a beautiful tree, with vibrant branches that stood out. I liked putting folders at the end of the branches! It kept my chaos somewhat organized.

    3. Ozan

      Re: Sadly? and Slackware

      I use xfce. I like the simple to the point stand of XFCE. And appfinger is just more useful than kde start menu.

    4. withQuietEyes

      Re: Sadly? and Slackware

      The thing is that some of us are boring and don't use our (personal) computers to get work done, so the glitter is the point (for me at least, it's the whole reason I'm on KDE)

  2. Charlie Clark Silver badge


    <i<Since Plasma 5.25 has already passed end of life, and Kubuntu "Kinetic" will be replaced in April and goes out of support in July, you may as well opt in and get the latest bling. It's already packaged and ready in the Kubuntu Backports PPA.</i>

    Is this a Linux distro making life difficult again? Why on earth should you have to enable some kind of backports repository to keep applications up to date?

    1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

      Re: Updates

      Must admit, I thought that too. Why is not just available through the usual upgrade/update process?

      1. badflorist Silver badge

        Re: Updates

        You can build it yourself against whatever you have. Personally as a KDE user I'll wait as none of this is shock and awe.

        Obligatory: If you're using Windows the back port is similar to how you can take a beta feature from Win11 and install it in Win10... oh wait... never mind.

    2. Liam Proven (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

      Re: Updates

      [Author here]

      > Why on earth should you have to enable some kind of backports repository to keep applications up to date?

      I answered that in the article itself:


      Unfortunately, Plasma 5.26's October release date meant it came out too late to be included in Kubuntu 22.10, which was released alongside the other remixes on October 20.


      Ubuntu remixes are only very slightly official, but they do have to follow some guidelines. Among them are that the packages from which the remixes are built must be in the Ubuntu repositories.

      Either KDE 5.26 wasn't in the repos yet, or it was but they just didn't have time to integrate *and test* it. This is a volunteer effort, remember.

      As the article says...

      KDE 5.26: October 11.

      Kubuntu 22.10: October 20.

      That is not long.

      If it were my project, I'd delay it and release a bit later with the current version, but it's not. Perhaps the remixes all have to release on the same date in order to be official?

      Canonical itself is only really interested in talking about the official supported version, and that means GNOME. I ask tried asking about remixes before and they don't know -- or care, AFAICS.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Open source Windows

    Release by release KDE gets nearer to being Windows.

  4. Pelican Express

    Any official Plasma 5.26 backport for Kubuntu 22.04 ?

    Currently using Kubuntu 22.04 + Plasma 5.25

    Do you know if there is any official plan to backport Plasma 5.26 as well?

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