back to article Left to its own devices: Huawei swipes right on revs, but profits down

After three years spent languishing on the US Entity list, Huawei insists that while the decline in its device business is ongoing, it is "slowing", and would give only the profit margin figure for its carrier arm, which grew modestly. How bad is the damage? Well the private company didn't disclose the net profit of the …

  1. Lordrobot

    Shows the US Self-Importance DECLINE

    Trump the bloated moron and Biden the zero accomplishment lifelong career politician threw everything they could at Huawei including kidnapping the founder's daughter and STILL failed at destroying Huawei. And for the US and UK bit, neither has 5G but some phony Trumped up 4G lite. Estimates now are it cost the USA $140 Billion to date to try to convert dumb switches to the garbage made by Erickson and Nokia. And now the TELCOs are shocked that their phony 4G lite is not much faster than 3G. That's a roundhouse loser.

    But it even gets better. In spite of the great TRUMP and BIDEN and BORIS, Huawei is still the global leader in 5G installations and forced US and British TELCOs to buy more expensive and significantly inferior hardware. And you know why smartphone sales are down? Because a 3G flip phone is sufficient for the USA and UK networks as Erickson has load issues as yet unresolved. US and UK picking winners.

    The US and UK now have sanctions on 45% of the world population. That leaves about 4 billion people that won't be "allowed" to buy any USA technology whatever that means. That's 4 Billion that won't be buying ARM technology, won't be buying US semiconductors etc. Huawei even has a new phone with NO US components. Huawei doesn't need narrow gate components for its switches. They can get buy nicely with 28 nm. And just judging from the US being $400 billion behind in antenna systems, It will be years before the US actually gets anything close to 5G network capacity.

    When Trump and then Biden went full in on with the Kidnapping using the pokey shill Canada as the fall guy, that was moral decay on a Trumpian level. Canada got stuffed in that mess and to keep Canada Honest, Trump placed Steel and Wood products tariffs against them. Then when Trump reversed the Steel tariffs, BIDEN came in and slapped them on again. ALLIES.. LOL.

    No wonder Huawei is still doing well. The whole world has been witness to this incredible US Bullying. Articles like that that celebrate the Nancy Kerrigan kneecapping of the lead competition, shows how degenerate and desperate the dying US EMPIRE has become. But to kidnap the daughter of the founder of Huawei will harden China when the tables turn and the tables will turn.

    As for sanctions, they never work. All they ultimately do is remove US products from the marketplace. And aside from the Evangelical loser at INTEL, there is not one US Semiconductor company that agrees with any of this Gov blocking of US technology. They know that to be in the game, your products need to be in the global stream of commerce or they rot on the shelf and tech has a very short shelf-life.

    I love to remind Muricans how dumb Trump really was. Trump banned Android from CHINER. But in doing so, did not know it was open source. So the only thing banned was Google services. Huawei made Harmony and replaced all the Google services with Chinese Domestic services. China had a perfect excuse then for banning Google. The world's largest market BLOCKED by the Moron entity known as Trump... and Biden too. Doubling down on idiots.

    The inability of the US to crush this company shows the ever-present decline of US Global Power, now relegated to blowhard. And the rudderless UK joins in just to remind one and all of the Fall of the British Empire... last seen in the desert wilderness searching for weapons of mass destruction, while their US Massa laughed and laughed. No wonder Bush II was known as the Smirker. Huawei it would appear is tough as Ho Chi Minh.

    BTW, China now has its own 28 nm Lithography and that means it can make three passes and get to 7 mn. This gain is 3 years ahead of schedule. China will have its own EUV in 3 years. You are not going to stop China by Kneecapping Nancy Kerrigan....

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