back to article Biden now wants to toughen up chemical sector's cybersecurity

The White House is adding the chemical sector to a program launched last year to improve cybersecurity capabilities within America's critical infrastructure industries. The addition makes chemical facilities and manufacturers the fourth sector under the Biden Administration's Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Cybersecurity …

  1. Lordrobot


    So High Tech Joe Biden has all the answers. One more industrial sector needs the US Gov to protect them... from what... the US Government. No such luck.

    1. M.V. Lipvig Silver badge


      Knowing that child sniffer he probably thinks chemical security means stopping Jerry from dropping mustard gas in the trenches.

  2. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    Compared to our government

    ... Biden's lot are looking absolutely brilliant where industrial security is concerned

  3. charlieboywoof

    Biden couldn't spell even the simplest word in that headline

  4. Claptrap314 Silver badge

    Itsn't there an app for that?

    To go with the new SMART controllers?

  5. JT_3K

    It's interesting to see the vitriol in the comments. Am I the only one that thinks that any organisation with SCADA kit hooked un-obstructed to the general internet is criminally negligent, a national embarrassment (for any country) and an organisation that needs to try harder?

    I can't seem to find it today but for 10yrs I've seen a website that was a front end for a brute-force crawler that basically found and logged SCADA instances globally, none of which were well secured before you even consider the need for exploits. Surely there's literally no excuse today, given the proliferation of cheap MPLS and router devices?

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