back to article Fujitsu launches HPC and not-quite-quantum cloud services

Fujitsu has opened up access to its Computing-as-a-Service (CaaS) portfolio along with an Accelerator Program to help develop use cases of its CaaS platform. Available initially to the Japanese market, the Fujitsu CaaS portfolio will provide high-performance compute (HPC) infrastructure, Fujitsu's Quantum-Inspired Digital …

  1. RLWatkins

    Wow. He said "Quantum".

    Mentally read the post title in the Beavis and Butthead voice.

    Now, that said, Fujitsu has "launched" computing-as-a-service, the very thing which service bureaus have been doing since the 1960s -- Anyone remember GE's Genie? -- and on it they run a linear programming solver to which they refer as a "non-quantum annealer".

    Well, if it walks like a hey-look-at-me press release, and quacks like a hey-look-at-me press release, and smells like a hey-look-at-me press release, then it must be a hey-look-at-me press release.

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