back to article Larry Ellison fought internal battle to kill Oracle's first-generation cloud

Oracle founder and CTO Larry Ellison canceled its first cloud after an internal struggle, he told investors gathering at the company's CloudWorld event. At the conference in Las Vegas last week, Oracle announced several new distributed cloud services including Oracle Alloy, a way for customers to rebadge Oracle's Cloud@ …

  1. TVU Silver badge

    "He claimed Oracle was on the brink of signing big brand customers away from AWS"

    I will only believe that in the event that it actually happens.

  2. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge


    Ok so I don't use any of their products but....

    My concern is that Oracle's incentive is to get its hooks into me for licenses, that's why I'm nervous of using even free stuff like VMWare or Java - not sure I want to appear on their radar.

    Amazon I know just wants to make money and is prepared to cut prices to be the cheapest place for me to buy anything - including cloud

    Microsoft similar, assuming I'm also signed up for every bit of Office365/Teams/Sharepoint infrastructure and paying every month

    Google is great until they cancel the product you rely on.

    IBM is irrelevant

  3. Claptrap314 Silver badge

    Ready for open mike?

    "If I want proper cloud services, I can get those from Azure."

    I would say so...

  4. Steve Channell
    Thumb Down

    Beat IBM?

    Oracle beat IBM to market by four years, running on DEC VAX minicomputers when IBM was touting mainframes. It won through by being first and cheaper.

    "So how did we ultimately beat IBM? We were faster and cheaper and more secure and more reliable." is pure fiction. Without DEC Vax/VMS and DECnet Oracle would have been an also-ran.

    Oracle's EXADATA is not cloud-ready.. "gen-2" is a story that makes a virtue of deficiency

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: Beat IBM?

      Ironically the first modern cloud computing was probably Sun, who Oracle ended up buying.

      In 2000 we could telnet to a Sun account, ftp upload java code and run it,although they never worked out storage vs compute requirements

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Beat IBM?

        Even more ironically, in 2010 when Oracle bought Sun, Sun was aggressively building out their cloud compute offering, "Sun Cloud". Ellison didn't believe in all that cloud stuff, so killed it.

  5. missingegg

    Why would you want to do business with Oracle?

    For databases, Oracle has an offering that might compel you to put up with their business practices. Even if you don't want the Oracle database directly, there are a lot of applications that are only designed to run on top of Oracle. But for cloud infrastructure and services, why the heck would anyone voluntarily do business with Oracle? Oracle now has a decades long pattern of building antagonistic relationships with their customers. I've unfortunately been on the receiving end of that. Even for databases, I'd normally pick a less capable database in order to avoid doing business with Oracle again.

    1. AMBxx Silver badge

      Re: Why would you want to do business with Oracle?

      Which is why EDB talk so much about their Oracle compatible addons for Postgres. Not used them myself, but would be interested if a customer was using Oracle and wanted to leave. No idea if application vendors would support their applications that were designed for Oracle to run on something else.

      1. ckm5

        Re: Why would you want to do business with Oracle?

        In my experience, you would be on your own if you tried that.... A lot of ISVs with Oracle specific software lean on Oracle services for tech depth support....

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Probably the biggest prick in IT and the bar is very, very high.

  7. dfreitag

    It is the other way round. Oracle's first attempt in the cloud was their own design that no one in their right mind would use. Gen 2 is a desperate attempt to copy the market leaders. Which no one in their right mind uses either.

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