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Interpol this week unveiled what it has called a Metaverse for police around the world while signalling a lawless virtual universe will not be tolerated. The Interpol Metaverse is "fully operational" and available from the international police force's cloud service, we're told. To us, it seems to be a shared virtual reality …

  1. El Bard

    My brain hurst at the amount of nonsense, but since I am having a good coffee, I will allow myself to experience "optimism" today.

    =begin optimism

    Fraudsters are moving scams to the metaverse? Murder in the metaverse? People arguing about who gets to rule the metaverse? Ads in the metaverse?

    Does this mean criminals, law enforcement, marketing campaigns and politicians will all bugger off in the metaverse and leave the rest to us boring people who are content with quiet boring days?

    I might start having daydreams of going to work at Meta to help make this happen...

    =end optimism


    1. Zolko Silver badge

      Does this mean criminals, law enforcement, marketing campaigns and politicians will all bugger off in the metaverse

      was exactly my analysis too. I'm not sure about criminals, but for the rest may-be should we encourage them, and even scare them with some giant cyber-goat that's going to eat the Metaverse and they have to save it ? (yes I know it was the other way round)

      World Economic Forum, Microsoft, Meta, and others to govern the Metaverse.

      yes yes, please do. You see, it's the future of humanity, so please take some advance and start ruling us there. We'll come right after you

      1. martinusher Silver badge

        I think that what they should be worrying about is being robbed while standing there like the Ultimate Dork with goggles blocking your vision and those dumb ring things keeping your hands occupied.

  2. Denarius Silver badge


    A virtual person gets murdered. This is a crime ? So every FPS becomes a crime scene ? Someone has been drinking FB/digital utopian KoolAid aka BS

    1. Evil Scot

      Re: WHAAAT???

      Not sure if it is Halting State or Rule 34 by Charles Stross.

      But I do believe the virtual world was used to commit meat space murder.

      Nobody took that dept seriously either.

      Icon is a bit of a hint as the weapon used.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Call it what it is

    A massively multiplayer online virtual reality game with few, if any, rules. Then law enforcement types might realise that they can largely leave it alone.

    If someone shows me a gun and demands that I march to the nearest ATM in the real world then I'm likely to comply. Same thing in the (a) metaverse? Not so much.

    Obviously it has all of the same problems as the non-metaverse internet (including potential for extortion etc), but, as far as Plod is concerned, not really something to be viewed as a separate entity requiring separate resources, etc.

    1. that one in the corner Silver badge

      Marched to the ATM in the Metaverse

      Half way through Neal Stephenson's "REAMDE" and that is pretty much the plot[1] - and things do get pretty hairy IRL because of it!

      As always, Life imitates Art

      [1] Apologies if that was a spoiler, but it is a huge book and there lots more to enjoy in it.

  4. Woza

    Secure by Design?

    This from the crowd who keep shouting for encryption backdoors?

    1. that one in the corner Silver badge

      Re: Secure by Design?

      Security is a process.

      *They* are secure, in their ability to process all your data. By design.

  5. toby mills

    At least they are taking some initiative and building their own sandpit to play around in.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This is precisely what I expected

    If you read some of my earlier posts, I was saying that if they can get their hands on people's data, they will come after it. And start exercising power and control over it....

    And of course they will be morality policing going on. Policing things that don't really cause people harm, or when there is only a very weak link to real-world physical harm.

    See, it's all about dominance, a human instinct. And some individuals especially crave power, they have to be on top at all times.

    I mentioned that a couple of days ago regarding GitHub Copilot, where the authorities could have access to every keystroke.

    Now look what happened here and it arrived even faster than expected.

    My God, what an Orwellian nightmare the Internet has enabled.

    Hopefully the pendulum will swing back from collectivistic media such as the Internet, back to us doing more individualistic things instead. Where such surveillance cannot take place*. Making things, being creative, etc...

    Just as when we had the personal computer revolution, because people were sick and tired of the mainframe and the centralised control it enabled. So we might start doing some things offline, decades from now, as the Internet gets a bad reputation from all this surveillance and control?

    * = unless by that time they put cameras in our homes to "keep us safe", with automated AI monitoring. Disabling the cameras will be illegal. They will say that they must be on because they "eliminate the spaces where abuse can occur". And it will be done "for the children" too. Or to "protect women from harassment".

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: This is precisely what I expected

      As they say the medium is the message and because we all use the Internet, a medium that makes mass surveillance and automated policing so easy, we naturally end up with a surveillance society in the end. And it's not just authorities doing the spying, it's enabling peer surveillance as well.

      In the past, popular media, such as radio, television and books, did not enable such surveillance, and we had much more freedom. We never had to watch for the virtual policeman looking over our shoulder, examining our every searches, as we can do now. It's like having a book where every turn of the page is spied on.

  7. that one in the corner Silver badge

    The Interpol Metaverse is "fully operational"

    Has anyone told them that there is more than one server? Are they confused that they only see other police officers wandering around the virtual Lyons, even though it they asked for it to run on The Cloud just like everyone else is using?

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The cops are already salivating and going 'we want it to be like in the movies where we can swoop anywhere and playback anything that happened at any time and follow anyone' like some dystopian video game which if the corporates get a hold of metaverse mindshare it will be :/

  9. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    A Positive AI Recursive Feed Back Loop is Not Something to Mess With.

    "In order for police to understand the Metaverse, we need to experience it.”

    That is as may certainly be, however it will always remain as a relatively small part of greater bigger pictured domains where and when, for one to lead future unfolding events with experience in an expansive understanding of them and the Metaverse, one needs to remotely access and be able to enable their virtual realisation for practical command and pragmatic control of metadata physicalised assets in support infrastructures/administering exoskeletons ..... with simply complex base requirements ......seeding almighty creative core source feeds and needs.

    And, to neither imagine nor realise such is the natural comfortable realm of Secret IntelAIgent Services and Special Forces has one severely disadvantaged by them with one's worlds stuck in the past with a present hoping for a change which status quo elements are unable to supply with leadership and would actively try to resist being revealed are nevertheless freely available provided by A.N.Others ...... thus making such present home teams the spiteful enemy to be destroyed with conflicts beyond their ken and powers of executive command and elitist control.

    Which sector[s] do you think would be prime premier ground-breaking and Earth-shattering pioneers in that very particular and admittedly surely quite peculiar discipline ...... public, private, pirate, alien ..... with precious little chance and no great white hot hope of it being more likely an amalgam of such aspiring/inspiring/conspiring interests ‽

    The only real question to answer is which sector realises their most profitable successful role is one of lead in a practically invisible and virtually anonymous and autonomous support of such pioneers/enterprises.

    1. trindflo Bronze badge

      Re: A Positive AI Recursive Feed Back Loop is Not Something to Mess With.

      Thank you for translating Aman! It seemed like a BS justification to me as well.

      I was thinking it sounded an awful lot like wankers wanting to wank on the public dime.

  10. John Brown (no body) Silver badge


    Is it a coincidence that this story comes out with the launch of the new TV series The Peripheral based on William Gibsons book?

  11. UrethralAnts

    Ho Ho Ho Virtual Murder

    Commentards are having fun with that joke, but the relative obscurity of metaverse interactions leads to interesting criminal opportunities for virtual meetings and planning.

    Here's an article from a decade or so ago about the potential for terrorist suspects meeting in MMOs to discuss and plan incidents, it was part of the Snowden leaks:

    They even managed to achieve some limited success in stopping a credit card ring.

    > By the end of 2008, according to one document, the British spy agency, known as GCHQ, had set up its “first operational deployment into Second Life” and had helped the police in London in cracking down on a crime ring that had moved into virtual worlds to sell stolen credit card information

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