back to article So, the US, China, and Russia walk into an infosec conference

Cyber-diplomats from around the world say they want the internet to be safe, secure, and free of interference. Of course, they believe it's the fault of other nations that the internet is not safe, secure or free of interference. The Reg attended Singapore International Cyber Week 2022, where officials from twelve countries …

  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Such be just as Small Potatoes in Worlds of Friendly Renegades and Raffish Rogues

    The private sector is collecting data, said Grienberger, and that's worrying.

    Such a worry pales into a relative insignificance whenever one understands and realises what can be easily done by a private and pirate sector generating sensitive and classified top secret type data for general collection/wide spread world distribution.

    And whatever is one to think of "the United Kingdom who discussed building confidence and trust in cyberspace." whenever it is so evident to all conservatives at home, and to foreign friends and radical enemies far away, that one cannot trust any word or promise their elected government representatives say.

    Honourable members they say ....... but you know it aint true for it is well proven, time and time again to be otherwise, and a contemptible bare-faced lie well suited to a harbouring nest of minor vipers.

    And did somebody spike UK minister of state Baroness Neville-Rolfe's drink?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "cybersecurity is the risk of the digital world, but one needs to look at opportunity, not just risk."

    Obviously(*) she meant to say "cybersecurity is the risk of the digital criminal world, but one needs to look at opportunity, not just risk."

    (* not)

  3. FlamingDeath Silver badge

    First contact has been made!

    We have made first contact with extraterristrial beings, and not just 1 of them but several.

    One of the species calls themselves the US

    One of the other species call themselves CHINA

    The remaining calls themselves RUSSIA

    Communication attempts are ongoing, and the general public are hopeful that these visitors are friendly, but initial research suggests they might be psychic vampires, or some other kind of space parasite

    Can you imagine if we really did experience first contact, the fact that countries and their brainless leaders can't even play nicely in the sandbox, like most other normal adults manage to do daily

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