back to article Google submits Go apps container project to Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Google has offered its tool for pure Go Kubernetes containers to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) ... and may have thought it was a done deal. The CNCF is the Linux Foundation project that acts as the guardian of Kubernetes since Google stepped away. The KO project is a tool for building application containers …

  1. Ilsa Loving

    Go won't survive

    Ever since the debacle that was AngularJS (specifically, they way they tossed v1 in the garbage and came out with v2 that was completely different), I have been distrustful of any language that Google might come out with. Google treats its languages with the same distaste as it treats all its other products. ie: badly. I don't have the time to learn an entirely new language every couple weeks cause the previous widget isn't cool anymore.

    Their entire collective workforce has a worse attention span than a single squirrel hopped up on amphetamines.

    1. runt row raggy

      Re: Go won't survive

      go has been around since 2009. and you didn't site any other google languages. don't get me wrong. google libraries/frameworks I've used tend to embrace breaking changes (guava!), etc. i just don't see evidence of the same for go.

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