back to article Cost of a health insurance security breach? NY watchdogs say it's $4.5m

New York regulators continue turning the screws on organizations with slapdash computer security. This week, $4.5 million was extracted from vision insurance company EyeMed, which was accused of recklessly leaving hundreds of thousands of people's sensitive health information within reach of intruders. In addition to coughing …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Still not enough

    Many companies use the same "good enough to lower fines" algorithm as banks and, given that they're managed to maximise profit that is sort of understandable.

    Until the fines exceed the cost of doing it right regarding IT security by at least 100%, this is not going to change. That's a bit like fining Facebook/Meta/whatever $1M for privacy violations: that's a rounding error in their books, not a reason to change anything.

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