back to article Huawei rolls dice, adds exec heads to enterprise and carrier divisions amid troubled times

Beleaguered Chinese tech giant Huawei has named two execs to run its enterprise and carrier businesses following the death of Ryan Ding Yun, who had managed both units. Ding passed away in the early hours of October 7, Huawei confirmed to us at the time, due to a "sudden illness." He was 53 and had worked for the company for …

  1. martinusher Silver badge

    Huawei's problems are artifical, not structural

    Huawei's business problems are purely artificial, a construct of US primary and secondary sanctions, rather than a problem with business fundamentals or technologies. They have products to sell and customers to buy them so their business might not be quite as meteoric as it was pre-attacks on them (when they became briefly the world's largest cellphone supplier -- they had both sides of the business sewn up, consumer and carrier) but its still significant.

    Added to that is a new imperative. Since the stated aim of the US government is to bring down the Chinese, to relegate them to a vassal state (now being openly stated by our politicians) there's going to be a bit of nationalism in the mix. I know that if I were Chinese and an external power was attacking me like this I'd not only dig my heels in but I'd work as hard as possible to thwart them. I know I'd do this if some country was attacking us so I'd expect their reaction to be no different. This kind of war, like all wars, is damaging and the issues we see with our own corporations are a combination of hubris ("We're Number One!")("Because we said so") and collateral damage. We can't win this war but if we keep trying then we're going to lose.

  2. Lordrobot

    US has SANCTIONS ON 40% of the GLOBAL POPULATION... That's Market enough.

    First off the US doesn't have 5G. They failed. Intel FAILED... Murica's infatuation with smartphones and calling 4G Lite, 5G is just false advertising. The US makes no 7nm chips. Intel FAILED at 10nm. US is as dependent as a baby in a crib. Nokia and Erickson are the high priced and not as efficient Anglosphere seimi 5G suppliers, but Samsung is now emerging as the field supplier for distribution products. Samsung also makes real 5G smartphones.

    Huawei was going to sell its smartphone businesses long ago. They only built them to encourage 5G rollout. They backed out because it was a conflict of interest, not because the GREAT LardTail Trump was out to destroy Huawei by kidnapping the CEO's daughter. Jysus H Chryst what a concept. The US is a thug.

    A TELCO equipment maker should not have the advantage of selling smartphones competing with others that don't have TELCO sales. Emerging markets may want to promote their own made smartphones into the Huawei ecosystem. Technologically speaking Huawei still has the global market share and the best most cost-effective product line. That is Adam Smith's Capitalism. The US Gov playing the Nancy Kerrigan Kneecapping only leaves 40% market free for the Taking. Part of laying Sanctions is that countries sanctioned don't want to do business with the US or with their handpicked cronies. The US doesn't make anything; they are just influence peddlers.

    Understand that not one single incidence of a National Security threat has ever been evidenced with Huawei equipment. It is nothing but a US GOV fictional lie, just like the Kidnapping of Meng Wanzhou was more political crap. Try to grasp John Wayners, that in the history of accusing companies of breaking US sanctions, never once was an individual held for a company's alleged acts. This was a comparative bottom of US insanity to kidnap a woman and place her under house arrest for two years.

    Canadians let out such a howl when China arrested two Canadians for spying. What did Canada get out of all this? LOL more US sanctions and Tariffs on Canadian Steel, Aluminum and wood product. And Canada and Mexico are supposedly partners in a Trade Treaty with the USA. NAFTA or NAFTA2 or YMCA whatever Trump was calling it. Can you imagine a Free Trade Treaty that allows the US to impose Tariffs against free trade partners with impunity of Executive Orders? These Treaties are not worth the paper they are printed upon.

    Huawei is now working on 6G. Erickson and Nokia have traffic switching issues. They had promised the world speed but delivered coleslaw. Meanwhile, Huawei has eliminated all US chip technology from their 5G products. That was fast. One more US product that has been eliminated from the World's leading Telco supplier. And don't think for a minute that any US semiconductor supplier supports this US Gov protectionism conduct. They are all universally opposed. They were also strongly opposed to the US Kidnapping of Meng Wanzhou for fear of being Kidnapped in the new world of US Nancy Kerrigan Kneecapping. This was a most immoral act. Right up there with starting the Vietnam war with that immoral false flag claim, now declassified, claiming North Vietnam was firing rockets at the US Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin. The US immorality especially against Asians seems limitless. The US is the only nation to drop not one but two nuclear bombs on Japanese Civilians in two cities. This has all the pinnings of a RACE WAR.

    The US hides behind the phoney veneer of National Security, to promote these atrocities with NO OPEN DISCLOSURE and NO Supporting Evidence. Yet they get caught bugging the phones of European and UK heads of state. The UK doesn't care, they have long ago lost any strike of independent moral conduct. The last brush was Somerset v Stewart (1772) 98 ER 499, but British Slave traders got a good laugh out of that as they supplied US Slave buyers. Brits are just a shill waiting for the next adventure in Weapons of Mass Destruction, another NATIONAL SECURITY CLAIM with no OPEN DISCLOSURE AND NO SUPPORTING EVIDENCE. No problem the UK has a mouth like a wide-mouth bass and can accommodate plenty of US political fishhooks to do their Massa's bidding.

    The once great US industrial behemoth, grew its hooks into the rest of the world during WWII, while the edifice of the world was destroyed and the US unscathed. In the early war, the US depleted Russian and UK gold supplies by requiring tonnage be paid for in Gold in advance of delivery. Then in 1944 before the war was even ended called the meeting at Bretton Woods to destroy the British Sterling and place the US Dollar as the global reserve currency. Britain even stooped to terms of the ANGLO AMERICAN LOAN... which they paid off several years ago. The US took full advantage of Bombed-out Britain, Nuke-fused Japan, and Germany where they stole Rocket Scientists [Kidnapping them] and imposed standing armies in German which remain to this day. Japan has these same standing armies and years of Military elite, riding the streets of Japan like despot kings, immune from local justice.

    All of Asia is watching and they don't like your program of meddling. Remember Trump the heel spurs draft dodgers claiming VIETNAM was the biggest trade violator with the US? A study on U.S.-China trade concludes that Trump's trade policies cost the U.S. economy nearly a quarter million jobs. Not one US company left China following the famous Trump Decree to leave Chiner...

    CHINER is not going to stop growing. I pointed out countless times that 25% of the US GDP is Chemicals. China now has 60% of the global Chemical business and that share is growing. The US share is in decline, thanks to the EPA, OSHA and litigation like ROUNDUP. The US semiconductor industry is just 1.2% of US GDP. All this blowhard antagonism over this tiny market while all the other remaining US industries wash out to sea like an eroding beach. Trade Deficit post-Trump's astonishing genius is up 300% since Trump Tariffs began seeding inflation. What a brilliant genius and the architect of kidnapping and assassination, pushing the US to a new thug low.

    The shoe will be on the other foot in about 4 short years. Hope those you oppress today, are kinder to the US and UK than, Me and Mini-me, the balooned-out Trump and puppet Boris and now the UK Cat Collector Liz Truss.

    The most amusing claim by the US was made two days ago: The US Gov, under bubble brain Biden, said that China's hypersonics were made with US Technology. So even though the US blunders repeatedly and can't make hypersonic missiles, they still claim to own the IP of all of it. "You stole our IP to make hypersonics that we can't make!"

    And now a Word from Joan Wayne, "You need more sanctions Pilgrim since those global sanctions are working out so well." Always repeat failure because you never know when it will be a success." Didn't Hervé Villechaize take the same approach... oh never mind... Meanwhile, the US is just dragging the UK and Europe underwater for no gain at all.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: US has SANCTIONS ON 40% of the GLOBAL POPULATION... That's Market enough.

      The US definitely has its share of shameful acts, as all superpowers do.

      Seems odd that while listing them you conveniently leave out all of Chinas?

      Did they not take over Tibet by force? Also invade Vietnam? Throw you in jail for 18 years for calling Xi a 'clown'?

      Look at how the two Michaels were treated compared to whats her name. One of them had been so isolated that he didn't even know covid had occured, over a year later! Good luck shaking that off.

      Sure the west has its problems, but it sure seems you like to express yourself - can you do that in the Chinese system?

      Would we know about any of these US failings without a free press & rule of law? Ask yourself seriously please. (and no i'm not saying the US is perfect, far from it!)


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