back to article NSA urges enterprises to watch China, Taiwan tensions

Tensions between the US, China, and Taiwan have far-reaching impacts beyond semiconductor saber-rattling and trade restrictions. There is an enterprise security angle that CISOs should be on guard to tackle, according to US intelligence. NSA Director of Cybersecurity Rob Joyce has some critical lessons on how companies can …

  1. Lordrobot

    Rob Joyce... he's no egghead... try eggplant

    So Rob says businesses got advanced Warning about Putin going into Ukraine. Five minutes I think... But I thought those TOUGH Joe Biden sanctions were a deterrent. All I heard in the UK was Putin is scared of Biden, scared of Trump, and sick and dying of cancer, his hand were shaking, and his face was swollen. Sound more like the propaganda claiming Putin was just a pushover. But if there was advanced warning well who am I to dispute that? So exactly what did the so-called advanced warning do for US businesses? Did it hurt Hunter Biden's Kyiv coin laundry?

    That's what Joe said. Joe also said that if China Invades Taiwan then Joe is going full-on John Wayne and defend Taiwan to the last GenXer male and transgender in skinny pants. The US Navy from bellbottoms to skinny pants. How stylish.

    The last time Joe ordered a nuclear sub to the Strait of Taiwan, it hit bottom and had to be hauled into dry dock for repairs. The Diversity Commander said she hit a mine or something like that. If she hit a mine the sub would have been destroyed. So what did she hit? BOTTOM! That's why you didn't hear about the dry dock repairs on page one. And that ladies and gents is how you keep the Shipping lanes open. Though no ship traffic of any scale goes through the straight, It all goes East of the island. Ask the 7th Fleet, they know travelling through the strait is just a SCAM VOYAGE TO ANOYAGE.

    How exactly are John and Joan skinny pants Waynes going to get to Taiwan to defend it after there is an invasion? Joe was a little light on details. And you know Mainland China would take the power plants, the water utilities, and the Airports... just like George Washington deprived the British of those Airports... "One if by land, two if by Sea, three if by British Airways." BTW Rob is Trump Appointee... Only hire the best... I can tell by his choice of Lawyers, RUDY, and the crazy one being sued for $1.3 Billion by Dominion. Only the best.

    What was the US interest in the Middle East? Freedom Man!... wrong... Weapons of Mass Destruction! Wrong... Oil

    What is the US interest in Taiwan? Freedom Man! Wrong... TSMC. Once that thing is gone the US will walk away from Taiwan and the Taiwanese know it.

    It is op-eds like this that give the Chinese leadership a lot of laughs. Does anyone in JOHNWAYNEVILLE, know what would happen to the US Economy if China cut the US off from all trade? China is a mere 12% trader with the US. Look at China's success. Already wealthier than the USA. Life expectancy is higher in China.

    Put a sock in it, Rob. Americans will be better off just sleeping through the whole thing; that way at least they can keep their lawnmowers running.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Quote: "As China flexes its military might in a show of force against the island, there's been an uptick in distributed denial of service attacks against Taiwanese government websites"

    Sorry, but the "NSA Director of Cybersecurity Rob Joyce" isn't exactly the best witness to provide advice on "cybersecurity"!!

    The El Reg readership doesn't need reminding about certain revelations by Edward Snowden. Or about the continuing drumbeat by Ron Wyden about American government attacks on American citizens....yup....that would be U.S. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon.

    So....a rewrite of the quote seems to be in order:

    - "As the USA flexes its military might in a show of force against the rest of the universe, there's been an uptick in distributed denial of service attacks against everyone on the internet."


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