back to article Interpol busts global 'Black Axe' cyber-fraud suspects

Interpol arrested 75 suspected members of the Black Axe West African crime syndicate, and intercepted over $1 million in various bank accounts as part of a wide-ranging multi-country operation aimed at thwarting the group's cyber-fraud efforts that fund its criminal operations. According to the international police agency, …

  1. Version 1.0 Silver badge

    So no more cyber financial fraud?

    > "The agency said that Black Axe and the other groups are responsible for most of the cyber-enabled financial fraud around the globe."

    If this statement is correct then what will change, will we see no more financial fraud, but is this just creating an opening for other fraud groups? Certainly shutting down fraud is very helpful but human society and our living environment has evolved to create fraud everywhere these days so I think this is just a minor help for a few weeks unfortunately because the fraud environment is remaining unaffected, we're probably just jailing a few people who've been working at it, but not doing anything to prevent it happening next week.

    1. lglethal Silver badge

      Re: So no more cyber financial fraud?

      You are correct to some extent, BUT everytime you take down a group like this, your taking down people with experience and skills at this type of fraud. That means the next group is made up of people with less skills, that have to relearn the lessons of the old group. Which means making the same mistakes as the old group, which should make it easier to track them down, and faster to shut them down. The new groups also need financial backing to get back up and running, so there's a game of whack-a-mole, but everytime it costs the bad guys more money to get setup which decreases the profit margins and you would hope eventually, the profit margin would be reduced so much that this type of fraud dries up.

      They may just move on to the next type of fraud, or maybe not, but it's never a bad thing to stop one sort whilst you can...

  2. stiine Silver badge


    WTF have interpol been doing for the last 45 years????

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