back to article NIST thinks US public should weigh in on CHIPS Act programs

Momentum is building behind the US CHIPS Act, which aims to revitalize semiconductor manufacturing in America. Now, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is set to ask for public input on two of the programs authorized under the legislation. The CHIPS Act was signed into law in August as part of the …

  1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge


    Do you invest in cutting edge EUV or rely on existing light sources along with multiple overpattening?

    Do we need chiplets with different fab technologies within the same package?

    The only way to decide is to ask the electorate

  2. spoofles

    This is an industry that usually does not hire from the domestic workforce preferring to bring in visa slaves then hire citizens.

    That said, arguably, its necessary as long as the funding does not go abroad like it did with solar and other projects of this sort.

  3. MachDiamond Silver badge

    Waste of money

    Fabs didn't locate outside of the US for financial reasons. They don't have a burning need for bus loads of minimum wage labor. They do have a problem with the US State Department regulating what they can build for overseas customers and limits on the process size they can export. Put the fab in Malaysia and they can ship anywhere so the fab goes in Malaysia and the 20-30 people they need to run the place are not too hard to source.

    These companies also don't need handouts. The current supply constraints should mean these companies are coining it big time. Why the hell does the US taxpayer need to hand them more money?

    1. Lordrobot

      Re: Waste of money

      How dare you ... how dare you sir... be spot on!

      The Government is very good at picking winners... and running businesses such as AMTRAK. They should always seek the advice of the BROMIDE for insights not available from Eggheads that only talk Maths and Sciences with "them" funny squiggle marks on blackboards... Who do those eggheads think they are kidding?

  4. tojb

    AI for chip design?

    Did I read that right, AI for chip design? Cos that's how you get skynet my friends.

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