back to article Insurer Medibank hit by targeted cyberattack

Medibank, a private health insurer in Australia with 3.7 million customers, has confirmed today it is the latest business down under to fall victim to a digital break-in. In a brief statement, the company confirmed it had yanked the ahm and international student policy systems offline, "and we are in the process of …

  1. Phil Kingston

    And no one was surprised

    "The attack on Optus will be probed by two regulators, the Australian Communications and Media Authority and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner."

    Well then ACMA, how about dropping your stupid requirement for providers to need to see that much ID in the first place? Or you too worried about upsetting ASIO?

    There's no reason I shouldn't be able to go into Coles, come out with a SIM, pop it in and have it activated with no ID check. And don't try the "security" or "terrorism" rubbish.

    While we're at it, can we see CIOs/CTOs actually earning their huge salaries and being properly responsible for this stuff please. Like prison-time responsible. Would see some change then I reckon.

    As for Medibank, yeah, watch for updates on that. They've chosen their words very carefully.

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