back to article Boffins rejoice: US Energy Department's research network gets a 400G upgrade

The fiber network connecting the US Department of Energy's (DoE) national laboratories received its first major upgrade in more than a decade this week, boosting its bandwidth capacity to a total of 46Tbit/sec. Established in 1986, ESnet has grown to encompass 15,000 miles of fiber optic cables that transport scientific data …

  1. Grey_Kiwi

    "In 2019, researchers responsible for producing the first visual evidence of a supermassive blackhole generated roughly 14 petabytes of data over five days, which had to be shipped in hard drives by plane. At 400Gbit/sec, ESnet6 could transfer an equivalent dataset in a little over 87 hours."

    Still significantly quicker to ship a big old box of disk drives, then

    1. A Non e-mouse Silver badge

      Especially when there aren't many fibre links to Antarctica - even the "ancient" 100Gb/s ones!

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